Silver Belle with BFF

After two years, finally we were able to go out and catch up! I have been busy with work and she has been busy with review for dentistry board exams.

Marie and I have been friends since we were five years old. Yes, so that makes us friends for 20 years already! Wow! It all started when we became ‘servicemates’, meaning we rode the same vehicle going to and from the school. We love doing two things then (i) play paper dolls with our plant box as our ramp and (2) make bubbles out of gumamela flowers and a little detergent. I bet once in your childhood days you’ve done either of these too!

We grew up like sisters and when we decided we were old enough to be picked to and from the school, we took the public transportation together. We enjoyed banana cue and buco juice for merienda before going home. We completed home works together, did art projects together, memorized and recited our multiplication tables together.

We were somehow separated during college days when she took her studies in Manila and I was left in Pampanga.  We kept in touch through text messages and meeting for small talks after Sunday mass. And now that we are both finished with our studies and have respective careers, we’re still the best of friends. 

Days before my 25th birthday, I decided to invite her for dinner at UCC Park Café in Glorietta. Rain poured heavily that night but she made her way through from Recto to Makati. Just imagine the endless stories (gossips) and roaring laughter when we were finally seated next to each other.

Some shots of UCC.

On our table.

Smoked Milk Fish Salad P299

UCC Clubhouse Sandwich P259
Bacon, Mushroom and Sausage Carbonara P259
Almond Rocha White Chocolate Cheesecake Cooler P155 and Strawberries and Cream Cooler P155

I am really happy and grateful to have Marie. We may not be together always just like before but I know that she’ll come running to me when I need her. I will forever be her sister and BFF.