Over Coffee and Cakes

There was no occasion that night, nothing to celebrate. We just wanted to unwind and be with each other. We all live in the same condominium unit but sometimes we are just too tired that we barely have time to talk when we go home at night. And the next morning, either some of us leave too early or we are in a hurry to get ready for work. Yes, there are times we don’t even see each other at all!

After dinner we headed to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for some ice blended drinks and cakes. We chatted and read magazines. We gossiped and laughed about each other’s stories. It was that simple and yet I felt relaxed, de-stressed and content.

Chocolate Fudge Cake (P115)

Toblerone Cake (P125) This is my ULTIMATE favorite! I am going back for this. :)

Blueberry Cheesecake (P135)

How do you spend time with your friends? Where do you usually go and what do you love doing?


Sassy Satchel

I have been meaning to purchase a satchel for months but unluckily couldn't find the 'right' one . Truth be told, I cannot afford the expensive brands in the market today so I kept on searching for one that's economical. I stumbled upon a post about this online store in Facebook and imagine my delight when the satchel prices are within my budget. Oh yeah!

And yesterday I received my bag from Impulse Co and I am just so ecstatic because the satchel is lovelier in actual. Thank you very much Kathreena for the hassle-free transaction!

So why did I choose red? For one, red is a bold color. Since I dress casually almost everyday, I thought that a bag in a loud color can give my look an extra oomph. Second, I don't have a red bag at all. See, I usually stick to neutral bag colors- black or brown to be on the safe side. Oh yes, you can  call me boring for that. Haha! If you remember the Mango tote I recently bought, you'll see that my choices are improving. I'm loving colors!

What do you think of my red satchel? What color would you buy if ever?


Sisters and Frills on Facebook

Hello everyone! If you noticed, I have not updated my blog for the past two weeks. It is because my sister and I have a new venture- SISTERS AND FRILLS! It's an online store featuring trendy and chic accessories. Please please please visit and like us on Facebook.

Here are a few of the items we have: 

Lexine Collection (P170)

Pennie Collection (P150)

Fenella Collection (P250)

My sister and I are very much excited about this! Contact number is 0917.572.9870. Thank you in advance for your support (and purchases)! :)


Sweet and Alluring

Since moving to my rented condominium unit, I haven't really explored the neighborhood aside from my expected visits to convenience stores and quaint restaurants nearby. I chanced upon a post about this bakery and confectionery in San Antonio Village too so I planned a morning visit before going to work.

Sophie's Mom is located at 8760 Residences, along Santol corner Aranga Streets. The store is very cheerful and charming. It is spotless- everything looks clean and fresh. The sight of the pastel colored decors brightened my day amidst the gloomy weather outside.

Sophie's Mom offers a variety of cupcakes, eclairs, breads and mochi ice cream.

One of their best sellers is the Spanish bread. A pack (P120) contains 10 pieces, although you may opt to buy on a per-piece basis (P12).

I bought a few pieces and now I regret my decision. I should have bought a pack because these are a delight. The bread is heavenly soft and the filling is just so rich  that I cannot pinpoint if it's yema, pastillas or plain butter and sugar. I am actually munching one while doing this post. I am saving the last few pieces for later!

I also got a Dulce de Leche cupcake (P50). How can you say no to this darling?

And lastly, I made sure not to miss the mochi ice cream! I bought two- one for me and my J for dessert after lunch today. I chose Chocolate Valhrona and Lemon Meringue (P40 each). Other flavors include Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Frozen Brazo-Vanilla, Chocolate Banana and Leche Flan-Vanilla. I can't wait to try the rest!

I am officially adding Sophie's Mom to my list of favorite food places! And since it is conveniently accessible to my place, I have more incentive to drop by regularly.

Please visit their website at www. sophiesmom.com. I am sure you'll drool over their delicious treats.