Greens from Buon Giorno

We usually eat pasta and pizza in Buon Giorno but this time we ordered salads. For one, I wanted to have a light dinner after eating a FULL lunch in Leslie's (I will make a separate post about it later.)

Buon Giorno's Special (P218)- a mix of the best salad ingredients drizzled with Buon Giorno's well-revered house dressing.

The dressing is really really good! I forgot to ask what it is. But I think it's similar to vinaigrette, just way better.

Green Goddess Salad (P195)- all the crisp and crunch of mixed lettuce greens, cucumber and tomato accentuated with Feta cheese and doused with Green Goddess dressing.

We all can't get over the Feta cheese! It's the best I have eaten so far.

Buon Giorno uses very fresh ingredients in their salad. Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, flavorful dressing. The huge servings are good for sharing. Quite pricey but we don't regret ordering because the salads are healthy and refreshing. Try these on your next visit to Buon Giorno. :)


Love at First Wash

I noticed that lately my hair (especially the ends) is dry. The cold weather may have caused this. Or maybe because I haven't got a haircut or trim for months. I have naturally straight hair, so straight that some people mistake it for being relaxed/rebonded. I translate that to limp, lifeless hair. I want sexy, bouncy hair. How can I achieve that?

I passed by Sesou in Market Market and I was attracted to the wide range of organic products they sell- from hair, skin and body products, baby care products to household care products. I was truly amazed so I took time to look at all the products and smell them.

Fate may have brought me there since I saw these.

Shampoo- P305/500ml Conditioner- P290/500ml

These might be the solution to my problem. After being told that these are their bestsellers, I bought the 500-ml bottles. Convincing sales talk or impulse buy? Nah, I really don't care as long as I can try if these will work.

I used this combo this morning so please be reminded that this review is just preliminary. I will try to make another post after a month or so for updates.

Let's start with the shampoo. I super super super love the scent! It has a fresh, citrus smell that is just so invigorating. However, I noticed that it doesn't lather very well so I ended up using more.

The conditioner has a rich and smooth consistency, similar to lotion. It spreads easily and I like that my hair seems to absorb it well.

I am writing this post four hours after I took a bath and the scent is slowly disappearing. I think it will completely go away by past lunch. Sad.

I usually dry my hair using an electric fan but this morning I decided to let my hair dry naturally. I didn't comb it after but my hair feels so smooth and soft now. I also think that it looks more manageable.

As I have mentioned, these are only my initial observations. I hope I don't experience dandruff or breakouts after prolonged use. I will update you.

Have you tried these shampoo and conditioner from Human Heart Nature Nature?


Bayo Haul: Printed Matter

Bayo is one of my favorite clothing brands. 80% of my wardrobe is Bayo. I find the clothes stylish, easy-to-wear and affordable. I make it a point to check out the store every time I visit the mall. I also bookmarked their website so I can easily see updates and promos.

I recently spoiled myself by purchasing three tops from Bayo. You see, when I visit the store, I usually pick three or four items and then trim down my choices to only one. This process usually takes me 30 minutes or more. It's really tough to let go of the rest, right? I'm sure that had happened to you a lot of times! But since it's Christmas and I have extra money (from the 13th month pay), I decided to get all the pieces that caught my eye. I left the store with a big smile on my face!

I super love prints so it's no surprise that my closet is full of florals, stripes, animal prints and checkered clothes. Here are the pieces I recently got:

How about you? How did you spoil yourself lately? :)


Tagaytay Home

Whenever I go on an out-of-town trip, I don't usually choose a luxurious hotel simply because I know I will be staying out of it most of the time. I just need a simple room just as long as it is clean. I say that again, CLEAN. Tagaytay Wingate Manor perfectly fits my requirement.

The hotel is not along the main road but it is very accessible. You will pass by residential areas before reaching it.

Checking-in was a breeze because the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. We just needed to fill-up a form and they gave us the key after. They even assisted us with our bags on the way to our respective rooms.

Our bed is big and comfortably sturdy. I adore the lovely smell of fresh, crisp linen!

We entered the room and a very strong aromatic scent greeted us. I am quite sensitive to such so I ended up sneezing. Thankfully, the incense died out after several minutes.

By the way, our accommodation package includes a one-hour massage. I opted for a foot massage instead of a whole body massage. I just felt that my feet needed more attention. And yes, the massage was rejuvenating!

The noodles and chips are not for free. Complementary tea and coffee are available.


There are wooden hangers inside for your convenience.

The bathroom is fairly basic but spotless. Just how I want it. I am more attracted to a simple but sanitary bathroom than a fancy but poorly-maintained one.

Soft, fresh towels are essential. Old, stained and chemical-smelling ones are sickening.

Feel free to chill out and relax. Enjoy the cold, refreshing Tagaytay air. I stayed here while reading a book and surfing the internet.

That glass door is the entrance to the cafe where we had a buffet breakfast.

This is the view from our window.

I definitely recommend Wingate Manor if you are as OC as I am. It is spotless and well-kept. The reception staff is very attentive and accommodating. Visit their website for inquiries and reservations.

*** Wingate Manor
Magallanes Drive, Maitim II West, Tagaytay City
(02) 806.83.90


I Choose Pino

One of the things that J and I have in common is love for food. We enjoy trying different restaurants and cuisines. Eating out is one of our bonding sessions.

J brought me to Pino in Quezon City after I visited my auntie who was confined in Philippine Heart Center.I just came from Pampanga that night so just imagine how hungry I was. At the same time I was excited to taste the famous Kare-kareng Bagnet that J kept on bragging about.

Let's have a quick look of the restaurant first.

Pino is located inside Teachers Village. I am not very good in directions so I apologize I will not be able to give the exact instructions on how to get there.

I love the graffiti wall! It is super creative! Can I have one like this in my room? :)

On our table:

Pino's iced tea is actually good. It is very refreshing and it has a distinct taste. I think it's brewed. You can really taste that it's not the instant type.

Pitcher of Iced Tea (P80)

This is HEAVEN! The bagnet is really crunchy and the meat is tender. The rich peanut sauce is very flavorful and is perfect to eat with newly-cooked rice. Yum!

J is actually right when he said this is the ultimate meal! The serving is huge and is good for two. But yes, J finished this on his own. :)

Kare-Kareng Bagnet (P245)

I ordered this because I had been craving for Cordon Bleu. It is good but nothing special. I didn't like the gravy. It is too thick and a bit salty/bitter. The taste is weird. Nevertheless, the chicken breast is soft. The  hearty bacon and melted cheese combination reminds me of my mother's concoction.

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast (P225)

Pino offers interesting and unique dishes. I have tried the Sisig Carbonara and I swear, it's really very filling and tasty! I can't wait to try the Logganisa-topped Nachos! :)

Have you dined at Pino? What's your favorite dish?


My 200-Peso Chic Planner

Ok, I admit that I primarily bought it because of the cover. I just love the print! I bought two animal print tops last week (I think that I will be buying more soon) so I decided to get an animal print planner to jibe with my fixation.

It is compact and perfectly fits my satchel. I can bring it anywhere with me instead of just leaving it at home or in the office just like what I did with my 2011 Starbucks planner. By the way, I bought it from Tomato in Glorietta. You can actually get it for free when you purchase goods worth P2,000.

A planner for me is more of a journal. It's where I write my spur-of-the-moment thoughts. That makes me more cautious not to leave it lying around because you might get a glimpse of my bizarre thinking. Haha! I also jot down expenses on my planner, as well as occasions I attended, restaurants and other places I visited and new people I met. So basically, you can learn a lot about me if you get to read my planner. :)

Let me show you what's inside the planner. The space for each entry is adequate. Well, at least for me.

I love discounts!

This is the Red Card which entitles the holder to a ten percent discount on all regular-priced items. That's for a lifetime! I think I will using this often since I love buying accessories and bags from Tomato. Aside from being affordable, they are easy to mix and match. Very versatile pieces!

Do you keep a planner? What are you getting for 2012?


Going Italian in Boracay

Evenings in Boracay are usually spent over an engaging dinner or a pulsating chill-out in clubs and bars. Since I am not particularly a party animal, I settled to have dinner at Aria Cucina Italiana.

Situated at the beachfront of D’Mall, Aria is a modern Italian restaurant and is considered one of Boracay’s well-established landmarks. It boasts of pizza cooked in a handmade wood-fired oven. The place is relatively small and can conveniently accommodate small groups. We were lucky to arrive at an empty Aria on our second night and got the place to ourselves.

On our table:

Carbonara (P350)

Bolognese (P385)

I was disappointed with both dishes. Bland and boring sauce but perfectly al dente pasta.

This giant pizza comes in three flavor combinations of our choice. We had Aria (tomato sauce, mozzarella and parma ham), Quattro Formaggi (pecorino, feta, parmesan and mozzarella) and Salami Piccante (spicy salami, tomato sauce and mozzarella).

Mezzometro di Pizza (P1,100)

The pizza is superb! Since it is cooked in a traditional way using wood-fired oven, the flavor is evenly spread. Entirely crisp crust and heavenly melted cheese. You can pinpoint the distinct taste and smell as compared to the commercial pizza. It takes longer time to cook though but once you take a bite and enjoy the burst of flavor, you will be convinced that it is truly worth the wait. I usually add chili flakes or hot sauce on my pizza but this one is an exemption.

I will definitely come back to Aria for the pizza. No more pasta for me, please.


Fierce and Fab

Necklace or bracelet? You can actually wear it both ways! :)

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