Vacation Means Pigging Out

In a good way, that is! Of course, our trip isn’t complete without tasting the delectable food from Boracay. I’ll be making several posts about it and I will definitely make you drool. Haha!

One of the things I missed on my first Boracay trip is the chori burger so I made it a point to have one this time. And yeah, it is truly delicious!

Chori burger is sliced and grilled chorizo on grilled bread. It costs P50 with or without bread so I opted for the one with bread na para sulit. Hehe. I am just wondering if you really put hot sauce on it. Because manang tindera did and I was quite caught off-guard when I took a bite and there was so much hot sauce that it completely overwhelmed the taste of the chorizo. Ganun ba talaga un? Hmmm.. I had to buy a large Buco Express shake to cool down and wash off the spiciness.

While I fell for the chori burger, my J fancied the grilled squid. You’ll appreciate it when it’s still crispy but after some time it becomes rubbery so it’s better to eat it as fast as you can or else your jaw will hurt from chewing. Hehe. I was thinking it would taste better when dipped in vinegar.

Look at the fresh and huge seafood!

Very tempting and so when we had seafood for lunch on the next day, my stomach was as happy as ever. If I remember it right, the name of the restaurant is Paradiso Grill. It is located between Le Soleil and D’Mall in Station 2. You first have to buy the fresh sea food by grams and then they cook it the way you like it.

Expect to spend at least P400 each if you dine in Paradiso Grill. It’s quite pricey though but I honestly think it is one of the best grill and seafood restaurants in Boracay. We tried similar restaurants in D’ Talipapa and although those are easy-on-the-pocket, I will still choose Paradiso Grill and be very willing to shell out extra bucks for a more sumptuous meal.

Have you tried these on your Boracay trip? How was your experience?


Diet is Not an Option

This cute little devil is just too charming to ignore. Agree? This probably enticed me to dine at I Love Backyard BBQ at D' Mall. Since we were too tired (and starving) from the two-hour coaster ride to Caticlan, we didn't bother to look around and just settled here.

Very cozy interiors. Those wall posts are interesting and humorous. They kept us entertained while waiting for our food. I wonder where I can buy these. I want some for my room.

Old-fashioned Ribeye Steak (P265)- grilled steak topped with onion rings. My J gave me a small slice to taste and I didn't like it. It was not tender and savory as I expected.

(Why do they put the steak on a sizzling plate? It's absolutely unnecessary since the steak isn't sizzling at all.)

Bangers and Mash (P265)- bacon-wrapped sausage on a bed of mashed potato served with hot gravy. I initially planned on getting a light meal so as not to spoil my diet but I ended up ordering an extra rice for this one. I was hungry, forgive me! 

The sausage is juicy but not very flavorful. I was also disappointed because the mashed potato and gravy wasn't hot at all. I didn't complain anyway since I didn't have the energy to argue so I just finished my dish.

Usually when you're hungry, every thing seems to taste sooo delicious. But this was not the case. We were hungry, we ate, got full but not happy. Oh well, sometimes you don't get what you want. I Love Backyard BBQ is worth a try, although I don't think I will come back.


Put Those Jelly Shoes On!

While waiting for the boarding time on my recent Boracay trip, my J and I checked out the shops on the upper floor of Terminal 3. I spotted this cute pair and I just couldn't say no.

Charming, right? Can you guess how much this pair costs?


Happy Lemon is My Happy Place

Then: yogurt craze. Now: MILK TEA CRAZE!

Am I too late to join the bandwagon? It has been a couple of months since I learned to love milk tea. It first started as a curious thought and tried the nearest to my workplace, Zentea. I usually order the XL milk tea with extra pearl. It has been my afternoon delight thrice or four times a week. Yes, I am that addicted! Twice, I tried GongCha in Glorietta although I didn’t buy again after those instances. I just got curious because a lot of people line up on the store.

My high school friend M sent me a message on a random night asking if I wanted to have Happy Lemon. Unfortunately, I was busy that night so I wasn’t able to meet up with her. The next day over lunch, my officemate N said she wanted to try Happy Lemon and asked if she wanted to come with them. So I thought to myself, ‘What’s this Happy Lemon everybody is talking about? I should try this and see what the hype is all about.’

And there I was, standing on the LONG queue of Happy Lemon in Power Plant. I was ecstatic and at the same time hopeful that it would not disappoint me. I had waited days just to get a taste of it.

The most popular concoction of Happy Lemon (as what most of my friends recommend) is the Rock Salt and Cheese series. I got a large cocoa with RSC (P100) and my J had a large Cocoa with Taro (P110) since he wanted to be on the safe side, I guess.

Look at that foamy creamy cheese on top. Sweet and salty pleasure. HEAVENLY! It is best consumed without a straw so you can lick the cheese on your upper lip after. That’s the ultimate experience!

For a start, our experience was truly enjoyable. We can’t wait come back. Maybe I’ll have a Rock Salt and Cheese drink again. Haha!

Have you tried Happy Lemon? What are your favorite drinks?