Rumble for Ice Scramble

I remember when I was a kid, I would beg P5 from my Inang (that’s how we call our grandmother) so I could buy ice scramble. Inang would tell me ‘It’s dirty. You will get Hepatitis from that.’ I would end up crying and throwing tantrums until she would finally give in on one condition- that we wouldn’t tell my Mama because Mama would surely get mad. (dirty little secret)

Who wouldn’t love that pink and sweet treat? It’s just crushed ice with flavor (and food coloring) but it’s a yummy way to cool down during a hot day. What’s more, it’s cheap! I love it with lots of skimmed milk and chocolate syrup. Mmmmmm!

Ice scramble is usually peddled around the streets in a bicycle but now it is also being sold inside the malls. I guess we can now have a cleaner version of our favorite Pinoy dessert!

I tried Pinoy Ice Scramble in SM Pampanga. The bright pink kiosk sparks the curiosity of passers-by.

As I waited on the long queue, I grew even more excited upon seeing children (and adults alike) happily gulping on their ice scramble.

I wanted to try the chocolate flavor but it wasn’t available that time. I ended up with the usual strawberry flavor topped with chocolate chips. It has the right sweetness and is good enough on its own.

As I consumed my ice scramble, I felt like a kid once more.

Have you tried Pinoy Ice Scramble? Share your experience here.


My Best-Dressed Picks on the Emmy Awards 2010

Aside from the announcement of winners, celebrities in glamorous attires are a major highlight of any Emmy Awards night. The red carpet is a witness of not only the latest fashion trends but as well as every star’s exquisite taste and style.

I give my two thumbs-up (and my big toes too!) for these three women who dominate the red carpet.

Sofia Vergara looks like sunshine in a Carolina Herrera shimmery yellow gold gown. It definitely complements her glowing skin. The spine-like beading is drool-worthy. As for her accessories I think the earrings are oversized. With an intricately-designed gown, a pair of simple drop earrings will complete her look.

Heidi Klum’s LBD by Marchesa shows off her greatest asset- long, lean legs. Although the dress may not be very appropriate for such event, I still love it because of the black rosettes and lace embellishments. The Lorraine Schwartz crystal bib style necklace is a stunning statement piece.

Kim Kardashian is a goddess in a Marchesa white silk chiffon gown with an Egyptian neckline detail. She is stunning with her subtly messy up updo and her signature make-up- long lashes, glossy lips and peachy blush. She dons simple yet elegant jewelry comprising of a platinum cuff with champagne and white diamonds (80 carats), platinum and diamond stud earrings (15 carats), platinum and diamond pinky ring (8 carats), and platinum and diamond hair pins by Lorraine Schwartz.

Who made it to your best-dressed list? Let me know!


When Love Takes Over

I was reading the newspaper this morning when I saw this ad.

Kelly Rowland is coming to Manila! Weeeee! I know I am so late to know about this event but I am really so excited to see Kelly. I really really really adore her even before she became a solo artist. She is divinely beautiful as her voice and she performs very passionately. Oh, I hope I have time to see the concert.

The Supafest 2010 featuring four artists, FLO RIDA, T-PAIN, SEAN KINGSTON, AND KELLY ROWLAND, will be on September 18 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Buy your tickets early and enjoy 20% off on Early-Bird prices until August 31, 2010.


SVIP P7,752.00
VIP P5,684.80
Gold P3,617.60
Silver P1,602.08
Gen Admission P568.48


SVIP P9,690.00
VIP P7,106.00
Gold P4,522.00
Silver P2,003.11
Gen Admission P711.11 

Here's my favorite Kelly Rowland song featuring the incredibly talented French DJ David Guetta.

Kelly, see you soon please!


I Smell Delicious!

My shower time has become more pleasurable (and longer) since the day I started using GrapeBella moisturizing cream. I truly adore the sweet and yummy grape fragrance. The scent lingers on my skin and on my bed sheets! The rich lather gently cleanses my skin and leaves me feeling clean and fresh. What I also love about this product is that it is non-drying. My skin is smooth and moisturized after use. Sometimes, I do not apply lotion anymore but my skin stays soft all day.

Exclusively available at Watsons and Beauty by SM, the GrapeBella product range also includes exfoliating body polish, revitalizing shower gel, softening body lotion, nourishing hand and nails cream and lip treatment balm. These products contain natural grape extracts which are rich in antioxidants.

My sister and I hoarded four 500-ml pump bottles of the moisturizing cream since the price was slashed from P259 to P181 each. Well, that’s until August 25 only based on the shelf tag. I wish the price remains at least below P200!

Every time I come home from work I look forward to my shower before going to bed. No matter how sleepy I am in the morning and how exhausted I get after a day’s office work, the scent of my GrapeBella shower cream wakes me up instantly.

How about you? Have you tried any of the GrapeBella products? Let me know!


I Helped Save a Life

This is a fundraising project to extend financial assistance to the family of a friend (Anne Tayag) whose mother is battling against cancer.

Anne’s mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She has undergone cycles of chemotherapy and radiation. Recently two masses were found in her brain thru MRI. The cancer metastasized. The family needs P1 million for the removal of the masses (removal of each costs P500,000).

For P50 we can help save a life and bring hope to the Tayag family. If you are interested to buy a baller ID, please send me a message.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.- Mother Teresa


Worth a 20-Minute Walk

What far can you go to eat that one thing you suddenly crave for?
That was exactly my sentiment when my mouth and stomach seriously hungered for Starbucks Hungarian Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich. I raced (that’s a little exaggeration) to the nearest Starbucks store near my office building but to my dismay, the stocks were sold out that morning. I tried my luck on the next store which is a few blocks away but ended up leaving the store empty-handed.
The gracious barista from the second store gave me instructions on how to get to another store. It must have been my cheerless face that prompted him to help me.

I walked through the unfamiliar streets until I reached the store and it was a big relief to see my (beloved) sandwich on the shelf, right behind the glass.

I went back to my office cubicle and took deep breaths until I was composed and ready to devour my sandwich.

Hungarian Sausage, Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta Bread (P95) was my ultimate love that moment. The bread was very soft and chewy on the inside with a thin crunchy crust. Ciabatta bread, by the way, is an Italian white bread made with wheat flour and yeast. Its name is the Italian for slipper.

The slices of Hungarian sausage were mildly spicy and smoked and created a wonderful depth of flavor. I just wish there were more sausage slices on the sandwich. The eggs were creamy, moist and luscious and wonderfully paired with cheese. Sausage, eggs and cheese- plain and simple as they were but really scrumptious together in this sandwich.

As I swallowed my last bite, I asked myself ‘How did I do that? Heat exhaustion!’ and I answered back ‘With a sandwich that heavenly, I just can.’


Instant Skin Boost

I regularly get medicated facial masks during my appointments with my dermatologist but I haven’t actually tried the DIY ones. My sister bought a tube of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque because she read from reviews that the product works wonder. She insisted I give it a try as it felt so good on the face and that it dried her zits overnight.
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is a pale green clay mask. Clay masks work best for oily skin as they get rid of excess oil and shrink enlarged pores. Available at Healthy Options for P329, it comes in an 8 oz easy-to-squeeze tube and you can get 33% more free.

I washed my face and pat it dry, then applied the mask to my face while my skin was a little damp. The mask had a thick consistency, similar to toothpaste, but easy to apply and spread. The mint was cool and refreshing on the skin. I loved the nice mint smell as well because it was so relaxing while I slouched on my bed, closed my eyes and waited for the mask to fully set and dry up. After five minutes the mask tightened. I washed it off after 20 minutes. I didn’t have to rub my face to remove it since it came off easily with water.

Soft and supple skin- my first observation after I rinsed my face. My skin was fresh and free from all the trapped dirt and oily build-up. It felt tight too although I assumed that it was only temporary. I saw a natural healthy glow, possibly because of a firmer skin.

I couldn’t confirm its effectivity in drying up zits since I had no major break-outs when I used it. My sister told me she uses the mask as a ‘spot treatment’ and according to her, it is highly effective in reducing the size and redness of a zit.

After a stressful week from work Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is an ideal way to exfoliate my pores and relax tired facial muscles. It sucks out impurities, leaving a deeply-cleansed skin. Once a week, it is definitely an invigorating spa experience.


A Slice of Heaven for Breakfast

On our way to Batangas my J and I, along with our friends, stopped by Cliff House to have breakfast. It was around 7 in the morning and most of the restaurants were still closed. Luckily, Buon Giorno opened its doors to us. Because the tables and chairs inside the restaurants were still flipped upside down, we decided to take the seats outside.
Buon Giorno is ‘Good Day’ in Italian. True enough, it was a wonderful start as we waited for our food and stared at this breath-taking view of Taal Lake.

My J had Chicken Adobo Flakes (P168)- shredded adobo fried to a golden crisp and served with garlic fried rice, tomatoes and red eggs. The shreds were crunchy but a bit salty. I liked the creamy and luscious scrambled eggs but not the red eggs. The red eggs were dry and tasted more like plain boiled eggs.

I ordered Chocolate Chip Pancakes (P157)- chocolate flavored buttermilk pancakes filled with bitter sweet, chocolate chip and topped with whipped cream and peach slices and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The bittersweet taste of chocolate made this dish more appetizing than the usual butter pancakes. I enjoyed the hint of bitter aftertaste in each slice which was well-complemented by the indulgent maple syrup. Although the flavor was perfect, the thick and huge serving was deceiving. I cut through the pancakes and was disappointed to see air holes and a dry center, a result of cooking in extremely low temperature. If the temperature is too low, pancakes take longer time to cook and tend to become dry. Despite the fact that the texture was sacrificed, these more-bitter-than-sweet pancakes captivated my taste buds.

A mango shake (P85) and a caramel frappe (P100) served in tall mugs completed our meals. Evenly-blended, filling and refreshing- a sure way to perk up the morning!

A whiff of that fresh, cool Tagaytay breeze was beyond doubt soothing. Pleasant chills ran down my spine as the gentle wind caressed my skin. Filled from our relaxed breakfast at Buon Giorno, we went on our way with more vigor for adventure and with greater hopes to end the day with a big smile.
Buon Giorno
Unit 4 Cliffhouse, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413.21.02


At a Higher Risk

When Mama complained of a frequent urge to urinate and a painful feeling during urination, we told her those were symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI). She said she felt very sore along with the stabbing pain on her lower back.

A family doctor said that because women have shorter urinary tract, we are more vulnerable to bacteria that may attack the urinary tract and cause UTI. Although UTIs are not serious, they cause uneasiness and pain. Fortunately, they can be simply treated with antibiotics.
Drinking plenty of liquids is the easiest way to prevent UTI. Water flushes out urine out of the bladder and toxins out of the body. Coconut water, a natural diuretic, helps increase the flow and frequency of urine.

Another effective way to prevent UTI is by drinking pure cranberry juice. Studies have shown that cranberry juice works by preventing bacteria from clinging to the walls of the urinary tract where they can reproduce and cause infection. Cranberries contain specific compounds called condensed tannins which prevent P-Fimbriated E.Coli, the UTI-causing culprit, from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract.
Although cranberry fruits are not prevalent in the Philippines, a number of health stores sell cranberry juice. I found one at Healthy Options.

Langers is a family-owned American juice company which produces and markets juices. Among the popular ones are apple, cranberry, grape, citrus, pomegranate and tropical blends. Its catchphrase- ‘No Trans Fat. No Preservatives. No Artificial Sweeteners. 100% All Natural Fruit Juice. No High Fructose Corn Syrup. No Artificial Colors or Flavors.’ makes it a major force in the competitive juice industry.

I bought the pure cranberry at P189 although I also eyed on the apple cranberry combination. I had to make sure Mama would like it considering that pure cranberry juice may taste tart and sour. Luckily, Mama willingly drank a glass after eating that night. She finished the bottle after three days. I told her I will buy her the other juices when I pass by the mall.

UTIs can be recurrent even after treatment. Three do-it-yourself tips for prevention- (1) Drink plenty of fluids. (2) Empty the bladder as soon as the need arises. (3) Maintain proper feminine hygiene.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refill

I am a fan of Sunsilk shampoo. I have been using the brand since I was in high school. I have tried all the variants but my favorite is the green one. Long & Thick, Fruitamin Strengthening and the latest Co-creations Strong & Long. It has evolved into different formulations and names but it remains to be a trusted hair care staple.

When I cut my hair REALLY short, my ultimate reason for using Sunsilk (green) was to make my hair grow faster. Although I didn’t get my long hair back as fast as I wanted it be, I have learned to love this shampoo because it really made my hair strong. It also helps reduce breakage and split ends even if I don’t get a regular salon trim.

I found another reason to love this shampoo even more. As I was strolling around SM Supermarket, I saw this.

Yes, Sunsilk is now in refill packs! A free pump bottle comes with the package.

I bought it at P71.75. If I purchase the usual 180ml bottle, that will be P89.25. P17.50 savings. Wow!

Before I retired last night, I poured my shampoo refill into my old Sunsilk bottle. I will continue doing this as long as my bottle is at its best form. I plan to use the free pump bottle some other time.

I am glad that I do not only save money by buying refill packs but I also help preserve Mother Nature. Way to go Sunsilk and Unilever for this brilliant idea!


All Day, Every Day

Omelettes are heavenly. They are flavorful, healthy and satisfying. My J and I love to eat this for breakfast and even for lunch or dinner.
We tried Max’s Restaurant’s Cheesy Corned Beef Omelette and Vegetable Omelette. Both dishes were priced at P143 and were served with garlic rice and iced tea. Another option was toasted bread instead of rice and coffee for drinks.

The Cheesy Corned Beef omelette offered a combo of creamy omelette stuffed with corned beef and melted cheese and garnished with spring onion confetti.

The Vegetable Omelette was stuffed with mushroom, green bell pepper, onions and ham bits.

What I liked about these omelettes was the firm yet deliciously moist center. It was creamy and it blended well with the filling.

At any time of the day omelettes are a balanced dish. They are easy and quick to prepare but the secret to making a perfect one is in the cooking of eggs. I should consider learning the procedure so I can make my own with my desired fillings of tuna, onions, bell peppers and LOTS of cheese.