Early Birds Catch the Chicken

Being punctual deserves a prize. Last Friday, my teammates and I came early to the office and that’s a small but very acceptable reason why our team had lunch at Wee Nam Kee in Ayala Triangle Gardens. It’s a great start, I must say. Let’s keep up the good job, guys!

We arrived at Wee Nam Kee before 11 am since it opens at 10:30 am and as usual people flocked to the place. There were people already seated inside the restaurant and almost the same number of persons waited in queue. We were sixth in line and we waited patiently for almost an hour to get a table. It was hard to get a seat since customers that morning arrived in groups of six and even fourteen. Good thing there were chairs outside the restaurant for waiting customers but the heat of the sun made the wait quite uncomfortable.

These condiments are the first thing you will notice on the table. Pounded ginger, chili and soy sauce. My favorite is the soy sauce because it is pleasantly sweet and it does not overpower the chicken flavor. I am not a fan of ginger but I witnessed how my officemates enjoyed their meals with it so I guess it is really appetizing and delish.

On our table:

Wee Nam Kee Fried Rice (P190)- good for three to four persons.

Medium Roasted Chicken (P488)- I prefer this than the steamed chicken because the latter is cold. However, both have a pleasant aroma and the chicken meat is soft, juicy and flavorful. These are also healthier options compared to fried ones.

Medium Steamed Chicken (P488)

Beef with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce (P275)- This dish is one of my favorites whenever I eat in Asian restaurants. I love broccoli just as long as it crunchy. Wee Nam Kee does this perfectly!

BBQ Pork (Asado) (P220)- The serving is small and is good for one to two persons only. Nevertheless, the tender and full-flavored meat is a sure delight.

The first Wee Nam Kee branch here in the Philippines is apparently more upscale that the hawker-style ones in Singapore. The food is undeniably superb. Moreover, the hands-on owners mingle with the customers and help in managing the crowd.

After our lunch, T kept asking “Do you think it’s worth the wait?” My answer is a big YES!

*** Wee Nam Kee
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City
(02) 846.89.24


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They look really yummy!

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These are some really good looking dishes. I maybe going to the Philippines and am glad to get a glance at the food.


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