Back from Hiatus

Whew! It has been days since I made my last post here. I absolutely miss blogging and reading all the lovely comments from my readers. I’m sorry for being MIA these past few days. It was quite a busy December at work and at home, preparing and attending Christmas parties and entertaining relatives who visited during the holidays.

If you ask me what else I was up  to lately, I have been  actually spending my me-time with books. Yes, I love reading!  It is a healthy and rewarding past-time; I get to enjoy the plots and also improve my comprehension and vocabulary.

I would like to share with you the three books I have read these past two weeks.

Back in the Game by Holly Chamberlin

I got this book for P95 only. While my J was looking around a hardware store, I dropped by Book Sale and scanned the shelves and decided to purchase it. There’s no particular reason why I bought it since I wasn’t familiar with the author and I haven’t heard of the title anywhere. Or maybe I bought it because it was one of those properly-stored ones in the store.

The plot is similar to Sex and the City but the characters are four divorced women who are back into the game of dating. Their friendship is built on their similarity and they each deal with their past marriages and the new guy/s in their respectively lives. The plot is usual and no twists exist so there’s no so much thrill in reading it.

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella

I love the Shopaholic series! I have read all the books by Sophie Kinsella (except the newest Mini Shopaholic) and I am really entertained all those times. When my friends ask me for book suggestions (chick lit), I always recommend Sophie Kinsella’s books.  They are light-hearted and feel-good fiction reads.

Shopaholic and Baby tells the story of a pregnant Becky: (i) how she cures her morning sickness by shopping for designer nursery and baby clothes and the latest, coolest pram and (ii) having the most-coveted celebrity obstetrician who turns out to be her husband Luke’s intelligent and sophisticated ex-girlfriend.

I believe there is a shopaholic in each of us and I am sure you’ll love the hilarious Becky and the witty way she can always get out of any trouble.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

This one is a mystery/thriller book and although I have always loved chick lit, I’m surprised I got hooked on it. The text is quite long but you will need all the details to be able to follow all the assumptions/hypothesis formulated in order to solve the mystery. The plot revolves around a serial murder, corporate fraud and the complicated and dark past of a wealthy Swedish industrial family. There are quite a number of characters but don’t worry about getting lost just as long as you are focused. The book gave me goose bumps and made my heart race a bit as every revelation unfolds. I was gobsmacked by the investigative (and hacking) skills and explosive personality of Lisbeth, one of the lead characters who played a very significant role in the story. She is one of the most unique and interesting characters I have ever encountered.

This is my favorite among the three books and I am looking forward to read the other two books in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. I think I am now hooked on his writing (and on Lisbeth).

How about you? What is the latest book you’ve read? Share it here and maybe we can all get ideas on our next book choice. :)

P.S. This is a Christmas gift I received from office mate L. Isn’t is cute? I always have it with me and my books. I just love it!


Michelle said...

I looove Sophie Kinsella! She accompanied me all throughout my teenhood. May I suggest Twenties Girl? The best, thus far! :D

renz bacani ginez said...

how many books have you read sis? hhehe..:)
i just started reading novels last year by ber month i think..and have read 10 novels..three grisham's and i love his work..:)

Maria said...

Michelle, I read Twenties Girl already. It's definitely good. I'm glad you like Sophie Kinsella too. :)

Renz, I haven't read Grisham's but a lot of my friends say he is really good. I'll put that on my list. Thanks! :)

herroyalbleakness said...

Welcome back to blogging. We missed you!

Sophie Kinsella's hit it talaga with her Shopaholic series, noh? And I'm glad you liked S. Larsson's work.

I have that bookmark, too! In blue (my fave color)!

Anonymous said...

I like Sophie Kinsella too it's been a while since I've read the shopaholic series.. I haven't read this though but will definitely do when I get a copy of my own. :D

aka Procne said...

been seeing the book by Larsson for awhile. Thanks for the review. The next time I stop by NBS, imma buy! together with Bob Ong's new book. ;p

Pammy said...

Welcome back, dear. I love reading books too. And even though I am not a huge fan of chick lits, I like the Shopaholic series. :P

Amber Blue Bird said...

hello there, nice to have you back. i loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it was crazy addicting

Louise Viray said...

Hi Maria!
I'm glad to see your writing in my blog feed again.^^

It's so nice to hear of a fellow blogger who shares the same interests in books. I had my Christmas in Manila and bought about 23 books to spend boring times with at home. My older sister bought The Millenium Trilogy boxed set. I'm still waiting in line for when she finishes with her reading.
I also bought some of those "Help Me" bookmarks. Really cute! But I'm more comfortable with the Get-to-the-point bookmarks. :)

I'd love to recommend you a few reads that you might like. You say you like chick lits so you might appreciate YA novels of Sarah Dessen, Just Listen, The Truth About Forever and The Lullaby are good reads.
While you think thrillers could be an improvement, try reading The Hunger Games Trilogy. It's a book you have to experience for yourself; I can't explain. Really, you'll love it.

I don't want to push you to reading these books, but I definitely want them in your book list. I hope you'll consider them.

Happy blogging!^^~

Maria said...

Wow! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and suggestions! I'm itching to read them all. :)

Vanity's Child said...

i also love Sophie Kinsela.. ;) but i only have ebooks to read.

i'm following you now.