My Skin's New BFF

I know it’s already too late for me to discover the benefits of a face moisturizer. You see, I don’t put anything on my face. Not even loose powder. I just cleanse my face with soap and water and that’s it! Although my acne problem has been solved (Thanks to my dermatologist and to Sansacne!), I noticed that my skin is dry and dull. It’s not scaly and itchy. Just plain dehydrated. For that I am still thankful because I know I can deal with the dryness by using a face moisturizer.

Using facial moisturizers is one of the simplest ways to keep skin soft and supple.  
Facial moisturizers penetrate the skin deeply, nourish skin cells,
and retain the essential moisture to keep skin soft.
Our skin needs moisture to stay healthy.  
If it lacks moisture, it becomes dry and cracked.   
This gives harmful bacteria a chance to enter the skin and cause all sorts of infections.  
So, simply put, dry skin is something we need to avoid 
 if we want to stay away from skin problems.  
This is why it is important to use a good moisturizer.

How do I choose a moisturizer that suits my skin? That’s the ultimate question I had in mind. With a gazillion of commercial products available in the market today, it seems hard to find the perfect one to address my skin needs.

So I made my research online and visited beauty forums to see what ladies like me have to say about the brands they have tried and tested. One of the most promising moisturizers based on the reviews given online is Celeteque. I bought one for P134 from PCX in Powerplant Mall.

Celeteque combines three moisturizing ingredients (triple moisturizing system):

(i) Pro-Vitamin B5- a deep penetrating moisturizer that provides long lasting relief from skin dryness.

(ii) Aloe Vera- a natural extract that moisturizes, softens and soothes skin.
(iii) Glycerin- binds water to the skin preventing moisture loss, making skin soft and smooth.

I have been using the moisturizer for two weeks now and I can say that it works well in keeping my skin hydrated, soft and smooth. As you can see in the photo, the moisturizer is colorless (and fragrance-free). Also, the size of the tube opening allows me to control the amount I squeeze out and therefore minimize spillage and waste. Moreover, the packaging is so handy and very convenient to bring anywhere, especially during outdoor activities and out-of-town trips when skin needs instant moisturizing. 

Being water-based and oil-free, it feels so light on the face. It feels like I didn’t put anything at all. No greasy and sticky feel. My skin absorbs it easily and even during the afternoon my face doesn’t get oily. This I swear- I didn’t get any breakouts since I started using Celeteque. So I am assuming my skin loves it!

How about you? What moisturizer do you use?


w0rkingAth0mE said...

i recently bought one but different brand maybe i should try this one also :)

Christine said...

hi yam! how are you? I'm using kiehl's abyssine cream + spf 23. it works great for me because it doubles as a unscreen on days that I stay indoors. I put on extra sunblock ( Armada Spf 70 ) when we stay outdoors. :)

Marie said...

Glad this works for you. I'm using Olay right now.:D

***** Marie *****