Diet is Not an Option

This cute little devil is just too charming to ignore. Agree? This probably enticed me to dine at I Love Backyard BBQ at D' Mall. Since we were too tired (and starving) from the two-hour coaster ride to Caticlan, we didn't bother to look around and just settled here.

Very cozy interiors. Those wall posts are interesting and humorous. They kept us entertained while waiting for our food. I wonder where I can buy these. I want some for my room.

Old-fashioned Ribeye Steak (P265)- grilled steak topped with onion rings. My J gave me a small slice to taste and I didn't like it. It was not tender and savory as I expected.

(Why do they put the steak on a sizzling plate? It's absolutely unnecessary since the steak isn't sizzling at all.)

Bangers and Mash (P265)- bacon-wrapped sausage on a bed of mashed potato served with hot gravy. I initially planned on getting a light meal so as not to spoil my diet but I ended up ordering an extra rice for this one. I was hungry, forgive me! 

The sausage is juicy but not very flavorful. I was also disappointed because the mashed potato and gravy wasn't hot at all. I didn't complain anyway since I didn't have the energy to argue so I just finished my dish.

Usually when you're hungry, every thing seems to taste sooo delicious. But this was not the case. We were hungry, we ate, got full but not happy. Oh well, sometimes you don't get what you want. I Love Backyard BBQ is worth a try, although I don't think I will come back.


Nina Lacson said...

Lovely interiors!! ang cute nga ng place!! Love your top, btw! :)

-Nina of http://tohoneysuckledays.blogspot.com/

Jackie said...

It's such a cute place. Too bad you didn't like the food all that much, but yeah, dieting is not an option on vacation. =))

herroyalbleakness said...

I KNOW the feeling! Getting full but not leaving the resto happy. Totally get you.

You take uhmaazing photos! And they load so fast. Do you upload directly from your files to your posts? Haha, wala lang...

MariaKristela said...

@Nina Lacson: Thanks! I got it from a tiangge at P250 only. :)

@Jackie: That is so true! Lamon talaga! :)

@herroyalbleakness: Thanks! Would you believe I only use a Sony digicam? No photoshop basta maganda lighting. Hehe. Yes, I upload directly from my files to my posts. :)

roviedear said...

wow! my boyfriend got curious tulo y he wants to try it! thanks for this post!

trishie said...

You are making my terribly hungry my dear! Looks like an awesome meal.

herroyalbleakness said...

Amazing MK! I could hardly say that these photos were shot c/o a digicam. And did you know that directly uploading from blogger results to lower res photos? Yes, yes. I learned about that when I read Rainy Days and Lattes' post.

But yours, ugh, they're just gorgeous. It's really not what you use to shoot the subject, noh? Ang galeng mong photographer!!!! as in. :) i am totally clueless about the lighting principles chorva.