Love at First Wash

I noticed that lately my hair (especially the ends) is dry. The cold weather may have caused this. Or maybe because I haven't got a haircut or trim for months. I have naturally straight hair, so straight that some people mistake it for being relaxed/rebonded. I translate that to limp, lifeless hair. I want sexy, bouncy hair. How can I achieve that?

I passed by Sesou in Market Market and I was attracted to the wide range of organic products they sell- from hair, skin and body products, baby care products to household care products. I was truly amazed so I took time to look at all the products and smell them.

Fate may have brought me there since I saw these.

Shampoo- P305/500ml Conditioner- P290/500ml

These might be the solution to my problem. After being told that these are their bestsellers, I bought the 500-ml bottles. Convincing sales talk or impulse buy? Nah, I really don't care as long as I can try if these will work.

I used this combo this morning so please be reminded that this review is just preliminary. I will try to make another post after a month or so for updates.

Let's start with the shampoo. I super super super love the scent! It has a fresh, citrus smell that is just so invigorating. However, I noticed that it doesn't lather very well so I ended up using more.

The conditioner has a rich and smooth consistency, similar to lotion. It spreads easily and I like that my hair seems to absorb it well.

I am writing this post four hours after I took a bath and the scent is slowly disappearing. I think it will completely go away by past lunch. Sad.

I usually dry my hair using an electric fan but this morning I decided to let my hair dry naturally. I didn't comb it after but my hair feels so smooth and soft now. I also think that it looks more manageable.

As I have mentioned, these are only my initial observations. I hope I don't experience dandruff or breakouts after prolonged use. I will update you.

Have you tried these shampoo and conditioner from Human Heart Nature Nature?


Girlie Blogger said...

Nice. I need good hair products.

♥superjaid♥ said...

i haven't tried their shampoo but im using their SF oil. =D

Beautyjar said...

i am addicted with the jasmine scent of Human Nature shampoo (natural strengthening)and my scalp just adores their strengthening conditioner in gugo&calamansi peppermint scent :)For weekly treatments, I use their hair mask in avocade & gugo bark jasmine scent.