I Choose Pino

One of the things that J and I have in common is love for food. We enjoy trying different restaurants and cuisines. Eating out is one of our bonding sessions.

J brought me to Pino in Quezon City after I visited my auntie who was confined in Philippine Heart Center.I just came from Pampanga that night so just imagine how hungry I was. At the same time I was excited to taste the famous Kare-kareng Bagnet that J kept on bragging about.

Let's have a quick look of the restaurant first.

Pino is located inside Teachers Village. I am not very good in directions so I apologize I will not be able to give the exact instructions on how to get there.

I love the graffiti wall! It is super creative! Can I have one like this in my room? :)

On our table:

Pino's iced tea is actually good. It is very refreshing and it has a distinct taste. I think it's brewed. You can really taste that it's not the instant type.

Pitcher of Iced Tea (P80)

This is HEAVEN! The bagnet is really crunchy and the meat is tender. The rich peanut sauce is very flavorful and is perfect to eat with newly-cooked rice. Yum!

J is actually right when he said this is the ultimate meal! The serving is huge and is good for two. But yes, J finished this on his own. :)

Kare-Kareng Bagnet (P245)

I ordered this because I had been craving for Cordon Bleu. It is good but nothing special. I didn't like the gravy. It is too thick and a bit salty/bitter. The taste is weird. Nevertheless, the chicken breast is soft. The  hearty bacon and melted cheese combination reminds me of my mother's concoction.

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast (P225)

Pino offers interesting and unique dishes. I have tried the Sisig Carbonara and I swear, it's really very filling and tasty! I can't wait to try the Logganisa-topped Nachos! :)

Have you dined at Pino? What's your favorite dish?


Girlie Blogger said...

Fascinating artwork and excellent food.

Glenn Encinares said...

its my first time to hear/read sisig carbonara, ano kayang lasa non? Sayang malayo ang location ng PINO.

Nakakagutom ang post mo sis :)

MariaKristela said...

Thank you for your comments! :)

Glenn, it's still a creamy carbonara pero instead of the usual bacon toppings, sisig ang toppings. Sobrang nakakabusog at malasa to the point na medyo susuko ka na. Hehe. Pero sa sobrang sarap, uubusin mo ung pasta. :)

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Wow, this restaurant looks really cool. And Bagnet in Kare-Kare? I've never heard of it, but I want to try it! It looks pretty darn good!

I hope your auntie gets better soon.

herroyalbleakness said...

I've been cooking my own kare-kareng bagnet coz of Pino. I agree that their 245 serving is really huge (3 chops of fairly-sized bagnet)... but i hate that the peanut sauce is very limited. Ma-sauce pa naman ako sa kare kare :)

Medyo naumay din ako ang tinake home nalang yung tira kasi andaming fats nung bagnet.

roviedear said...

Ayyyayay! looks delicious!! :) I love filipino foodpa naman! :) will try this very very soon!!! :)
The Bargain Doll

♥superjaid♥ said...

ganda ng mga artworks.medyo pricey lang yung food para sa tulad kong estudyante. =D

MariaKristela said...

EveryDay Makeup: Thank you! My auntie is out of the hospital now. Hope she gets better. :)

herritalbleakness: Medyo nakakaumay nga at madami ung serving kaya pwede pa talagang i-take out. Effort magluto ng bagnet! Deep fry un di ba? At twice mo lulutuin para crunchy. :)

roviedear: Try mo soon! Magsama ka kasi good for sharing ung dishes. Enjoy! :)

superjaid: Ah oo medyo pricey nga if para sa student. Punta kayo in a group para share-share. :)

cafémobility said...

this would be the next place i am planning to hit in the area.