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I love reading since I was a teen. During my grade school days, I was into Sweet Valley High and then into Nancy Drew. I was more into books than television. In fact, that still applies until now.

For a month and a half now, I busy myself with reading chick lit books. I honestly don't know why I am so into this genre these days. I can't stop reading even if I'm at home or in the office after I'm done with my daily work. Maybe I am bored. Or stressed out.  Whatever the reason may be, I love the smart humor and light-hearted tone of chick lit that's why I am so ecstatic to buy my next book even I am only halfway on my current read.

These are a few of the books I finished:

I am currently looking for my next buy. Can you suggest a good one for me?


Anonymous said...

paulo coelho and neil gailmam.

MissA* said...

I loved SVH and Nancy Drew too when I was younger :) Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella (am probably the only one who isn't into her Shopaholic series) are great ones. I also like Alexandra Potter.

Aisa.Paxie said...

Try Marian Keyes!:) Love chick lit books too.:) Thanks for commenting on my blog sis! Join my Primadonna giveaway sayang you have primadonna shoes pa naman. Just send me a photo of you wearing it and then comment na you sent it na:) And you're a KUlasa din pala!:) Yey!


Jonessa said...

Yey! THhanks for blogging about your current reads! i'm always looking for a new book and I'm glad that you post "booklists" here on your blog! :)

PS. Love Nancy Drew too! hehe

fashioneggpplant said...

im a bookworm myslef, love disccovering new books to buy. seems like your into chic lit. bergdorff blondes is a very light and easy read. if you want something heavier, i like chuck palahniuk :)

Eden said...

chick lit! cute. i think i can totally relate to the first book. hahaha. hmmmm. i used to read way much chick lit but i kinda stopped somewhat. neil gaiman or chuck palahniuk i'd recommend:)

great to discover your blog! hope you pop by mine sometime:)

chic in the tropics


aww, i'm jealous. I wish i have more time to read. :(

Btw, got an award for you in my latest post. Hope you could check it out! :)


Cel said...

Try Eat Pray Love..of Memoirs of a Geisha..
I'm following you now..:)