Sweets for My Sweet

Anything sweet and cold can brighten up my day. When I am sad, troubled or stressed out, a pint of my favorite ice cream or just a Starbucks Dark Mocha Frappuccino will do the trick.

As a treat for our teammates who celebrated their birthdays in July, we had an afternoon snack of spaghetti, BBQ and AWESOME desserts.

Dairy Queen KitKat ice cream cake! Fudgy, frosty, HEAVENLY!

Reese's ice cream and Double Dutch/Rocky Road ice cream. I like Reese's more because of the chocolate chunks. It is smooth, creamy, chocolate-y and slight salty because of the peanut butter cups.

Ah, what a happy afternoon! How about you? What food uplifts your mood and spirit?


Carrie said...

i think i just found my soulmate. this cake and i are meant to be, i can just taste it!

Have a great weekend!


Miss Independent said...

oh, wow... this cake is divine!!!

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

MMmmmmm this looks delicious. Frozen yogurt makes me happy. it puts me in a good mood :)

Patty B. said...

Hershey's Reese's is a favorite in our household :)

ghoent said...

eeep! now i want some cake! yummy sweets in there! =)

Pammy said...

A chocolate-filled day for you and your co-workers. :P

Nimmy said...

Eeeeeee! Sugar overload! Lavet!

herroyalbleakness said...

Yum! I'd like to check that out real soon! :D

msDani said...

heavenly cake indeed!!

Morbidfrank said...

wow the cake looks so delicious! Makes me wanna go to a Dairy Queen Stall right now! :P

BTW I wanna invite you to my first giveaway!

Hope you can join! Thanks!

Jackie said...

Wow! That cake is just sinful! =))

Stevia said...

the cake looks super yummy
plus with that kitkat!