Light Dinner and Hard Laughter

This is one of those night when we are tired of just staying home (condo) and decide to have dinner somewhere else. It's a spontaneous night of eating, laughing and just enjoying each other's company.

J dropped us at Burgos Circle in The Fort where we have a (light) dinner at Uncle Cheffy.

On the table:

I love pomelo very much so no doubt I like this salad. This one's actually a regular-sized order but it's already good for sharing.

Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad (P295)

Oven dried tomatoes, mushroom garlic, anchovy, chili flakes, basil and three cheese- isn't that enough to make you hungry? Oh well, this panizza tastes so much better than it looks. Rolling a strip with fresh arugula and alfalfa sprouts completes the flavorful experience. 

Uncle Cheffy Favorites Panizza (P395)

Our panizza is thin (as all panizzas should be) but really filling. I think it's because of the generous amount of toppings. I especially love the saltiness of the cheese that made me want to grab another strip.

What's more delicious than ending the night with a Serenitea drink? I think I'm developing an addiction to milk tea lately. This is the same addiction I had with yogurt then. Good thing there's a branch in Rada which is a few minutes walk from my office building. :)

Happy weekend all! Don't forget to let loose and have fun once in a while. :) 


♥superjaid♥ said...

the pictures looks great. im getting hungry by looking at it, geez! =D

Girlie Blogger said...

Yum! The food looks totally mouthwatering.


Number Two Lover said...

I love "rollable" pizzas! :))

Almira :)

Honey Andrade said...

That salad looks soooo good.. Must try to make my own version at home. :D Happy Valentines! ♥

Anna said...

Great pictures! (What camera do you use?) This post is making me hungreeee