Japanese Food is Soul Food

Maybe you're wondering how J and I spent the Valentine's Day.. Well, we really don't celebrate 'Valentine's Day' since we became 'us'. There's no definite reason for this but maybe because for us, every day is Valentine's Day. I know, that sounds cheesy!

Moving on, we had dinner at Nodasho in Little Tokyo. If you're residing in Makati, I am sure you know this place. Restaurants here are known for serving authentic Japanese cuisine. We wanted to stay away from heavy traffic and from the mall crowd so this was a perfect place.

I super love maki so I ate a lot of these.

Not a fan of gyoza though.

It was my first time to try an okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) and I find it very flavorful and filling. If only I wasn't full from eating too much maki, I could have finished slices of this.

Have you tried eating at Little Tokyo? What other Japanese restaurants do you love?


Girlie Blogger said...

I agree! Love sushi and anything Japanese.

Superjaid said...

i love japan but im not fond of their cuisine. haaay..

Charlene B. said...

I also love maki! :) super yummy post! Heehee. :D

Femme Virtue said...

that japanese pizza looks amazing!

Dani said...

Japanese food is my comfort food!

Sweethestia said...

I miss eating japanese food.... huuuuuuu

Mesmerize said...

great post and photos:)
please visit mi in free time:)

Sweethestia said...

wow! i love the place and i wanna go here... thanks girl for the review