Under the Spell of Siquijor

Hola! I am back! Sorry for being MIA (again). I have been really busy at work since March. Thankfully I got a chance to make a post today.  

I would like to share with you some photos from my recent Siquijor trip with Mama. We traveled to Dumaguete for my cousin’s graduation in Silliman University. She graduated cum laude!

The next morning after her graduation party, we were up by 4am to prepare for the first ferry trip to Siquijor. The trip takes one hour. We hired a jeepney to tour us around. Let me show you one of the most beautiful I have seen. This is Salagdoong Beach.

Would you believe that the entrance fee is only 15 pesos? Yes, you got that right! 15 pesos to see this very clean public beach.

135 stone steps going down is what it takes to see Cambugahay Falls. It was exhausting but wait until you see the falls. The sight is very refreshing.

We also visited old (creepy) churches and bell towers.

Siquijor is a small and quiet island province. I don’t know if I would attribute its mysterious feel to superstitions of magic potions, sorcerers and witches that it is known for. Nevertheless it is beautiful because it is simple and serene.


Marjorie Gavan said...

wow the place looks majestic! siquijor is one of the local destinations that i'd been wanting to visit. seeing your photos intensified this urge. thanks for sharing this.

Anna said...

We didn't get to tour the island itself - we just stayed in Coco Grove Beach Resort. Sayang - from your pictures, it looks beautiful!!!

Superjaid said...

wow. ganda naman pala ng siquijor. lalo na yung as in wow. sarap puntahan.

In Love With Sunflower said...

Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing those photos for us to enjoy the beauty of Siquijor. I'd love to be back to your site and hopefully learn read about your posts in the future. Would you care for link exchange? Farida :)

Eunica said...

i didn't know that siquijor is this beautiful and breathtaking! i thought the town's just famous as the "aswang capital" of the phils but oh God, it's just so AWESOME!

Tanya said...

The beach is so beautiful!