Baguio's Bet: Cafe by the Ruins

The last time I went to Baguio was approximately ten years ago. I was with my family and relatives and I couldn't remember if we ate at any of the restaurants there. So when I had the opportunity to go back this summer I was beyond excited.

We initially planned to eat at 50s Diner but the place was full and no one cared to assist us so we left. Our driver suggested Café by the Ruins and we agreed without second thoughts maybe because we were too hungry to look for another place.

Upon entering the restaurant, I immediately fell in love with the cozy ambiance. Wooden chairs and tables and paintings on the wall create that refreshing and comfortable vibe. The scent of freshly-baked bread made my stomach grumble.

The girls feasted on pasta and strawberry smoothie. Oh my, that smoothie is to die for! It is made of fresh carabao yogurt and real strawberries. Very refreshing at only P120.

Carbonara (P220)

 The boys, on the other hand, opted for a heavier meal. Not surprising at all, right?

Baguio Bagnet (P280)

Beef Ribs Sinigang (P250)


I wasn’t aware that Café by the Ruins is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Perhaps that explains why the food lacks the depth of flavor. Maybe they don’t use seasonings? They also don’t have soda on the menu.

Cinnamon is one of my favorite bread desserts so I ordered one to finish my meal. Sadly, I didn't like it. My sweet buds weren't happy as well, I guess. It just tasted bread with very little sweetness. How can something so tempting turn out to be distasteful?

Although I was quite disappointed with the food, I will come back for the strawberry smoothie. Have you dine at Café by the Ruins? How did you find the food?


Kayle said...

I want to go to baguio! & if i do, i will go here, for the ambience :)

Followed your blog :)
Hope you can do the same!

Wonder Woman said...

Aww I used to go there all the time when I lived in Baguio. Miss it.

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Mara Feliz said...

My my my.. I think I would certainly enjoy this place and maybe never leave.. haha! Everything just looks so appetizing and gooood!!

Kisses! xxx