More Water, Please!

I recently purchased a Starbucks tumbler to help me drink more water and less soda and caffeine. Sometimes, I can't control my urge to drink soda especially now it is very hot and when the food tastes better with soda. Agree? So now that I have this tumbler that I have been eyeing for months, I hope to finally be soda-free in the next months.

By the way, it is customizable! How cute is that! I haven't tried writing on it yet because I am afraid I won't be able to erase what I wrote. Heehee.

This tumbler costs P550. Quite pricey but if it'll inspire me to drink more water, why not? :)


Camy said...

so niceee :D

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Robots in Trouble said...

D: that is awesome! i hope you get over the soda addiction! it's a fairly awful habit to have! O__O good luck.