From Lotion to Cream

My skin loves Nivea Whitening Inner Cell Repair Cream!

This serves as my daily lotion and I am so glad that it makes my skin soft and smooth. I haven’t seen its whitening effects yet, which I think is normal since I started using it a week ago. It has berry extracts and licorice extracts which helps nourish and whiten the skin. I have yet to see that in a few weeks’ time.

A year ago I used the lotion counterpart of this variant and many have noticed that my skin color lightened. Well that time I was desperate to get my skin color back since I got a bit burned during a trip to the beach.

I bought the cream from Mercury Drug Store at P163 for 100-ml tub. The 200-ml tub is I think P264.75. I chose the smaller tub so I can put it inside my bag and carry it wherever I go.

I was surprised that the cream is so light on the skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. This is quite unbelievable since most body creams tend to be heavy on skin when applied. On the other hand this Nivea cream is not as spreadable as you would expect it to be so if you really want to cover the entire surface of your legs or arms, you would need to apply a generous amount.

I also love the light and sweet smell that lingers on my skin. The scent is not overpowering and it leaves me feeling clean and fresh.

So far this is my ultimate body care product. It also serves as my hand cream in the office. My sister’s friend uses this as a face cream but I don’t want to try that since it might contradict the topical medicines I use from my dermatologist.

Have you tried this product or any from the Nivea line? Share your thoughts here. Happy Monday!


donnarence said...

i use this!!and this is pure love.. grabe.. nagbreak out sa kiehl's but with this one.. pure love..haha

Maria said...

You use it on your face, Donnarence? Wow! Maybe it's really that great. I haven't tried it on my face.

Carrie said...

oohh, i wanna try! it looks like it works really well!


Rakhshanda said...

Hey I love nivea products...This one looks great!

Julienne said...

Wow, this sounds really nice! I wish they sold their whitening line in the states :( Their lip balm is my absolute fave, haha!

Abby M. said...

nice! makes me wanna try it too!
i´ve only tried the original Nivea cream! *i forgot the name* hehe..
i wonder if i can find this kind of nivea here in norway :)

Pammy said...

I've always like Nivea lotions and lip balms and even their deo. Haha! I have been seeing this and the cute pink packaging never fails to catch my eye. Glad your skin loves this! :P

carinamodella said...

hi maria! thanks for following me :) i'm using nivea products also as my moisturizer... i'm using both the night and day sparkling white cream.

evey ♥ said...

nicee! I want to try this.. thanks for sharing! Oh i can see your white anyway and pretty! :) Great day!

Dizzy said...

sounds good, i think i might have to try it. great review.

purity12lover said...

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