Deli Dinner

My college friends and I met for dinner and I suggested to eat at Earle's since I was craving for sandwich that time. Good thing Earle's is just a few minutes walk from my office so it was really favorable for me.

Delicatessen means "delicacies" or "fine foods". 
The word entered German from French délicatesse and means "delicious things (to eat)". 
It ultimately originated from the Latin adjective delicatus
meaning "giving pleasure, delightful, pleasing". 

Earle's, just like other delicatessens, sells its food by weight. The popular choices include bacon, sausage, ham, salami and other cold cuts and cheese. 

My officemates are a big fan of Earle's sausages. They buy different variants and then heat them in the microwave and eat them with bread loaf for dinner.

Earle's has a sandwich menu too. Here's what we had.

B ordered Hungarian Sausage Sandwich (P96).

K had Smoked Chicken Ham with Canadian Bacon (P128).

This is my BLT (P146).

The sandwiches are tasty and filling. They are a great choice if you're looking for healthy food. The servings are generous. Bacon is overflowing! The lettuce and tomatoes are fresh and succulent. The sandwiches are reasonably-priced and I feel that I am really getting what I paid for.

The service is fast and the crew members are very attentive and responsive. Most of the customers are Makati professionals and call center agents around Ayala area.

*** Earle's Delicatessen
Tower 2, Ground Level, The Columns,
6821 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue corner Ayala Ave.nue,
Makati City
(02) 901.87.82


Favorite Midnight Snack

I love Pan de Manila for three reasons: (1) very soft bread, (2) very generous fillings and (3) very affordable prices.

There are many variants to choose from but these are my favorite. So tasty and filling. And only P19 each.

Take a bite! What's your favorite Pan de Manila bread? What's your favorite midnight snack?


Loving Conti's Even More

Last Tuesday I got the chance to dine at Conti's again. This time I was with my officemates to celebrate our team lead's birthday. Watch out for my separate post about our dinner. :)

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by these mouth-watering treats. How I wish my fridge will be like these! I'm sure everyday is a SWEET day if that happens. *love*

You will not miss the frozen food corner. These are great for overnight stays or as lunch/dinner for school or office. They are conveniently packed in microwavable containers. I'm drooling over the Callos. I'll try it some other time.

Everybody loves brownies! Sadly, I wasn't in the mood for one that night so I bought a box of Ensaimaditas (8 pcs for P80) instead. They are soft, gently sweetened and melts-in-the-mouth.

My officemate T loves the tuna empanada and chicken empanada. I took this photo before we got our tables and when I passed by the counter before leaving the restaurant, these are all sold out. They're that delicious!

Have you tried any of these from Conti's? Which are your favorites?


Let's Twist Again!

I just came from a dinner party for my officemate T's birthday 
but when my J offered McDonalds' Twister Fries, I couldn't say no.

It's P58. Yummy. Filling. I miss it so much! Have you had Twister Fries lately?


I Want a Marc Jacobs Bag!

Simple yet very sophisticated. Oh, I really want one. Drooling over these babies.

Which are your top picks?


Dining with Mr Jones

Mr Jones in Greenbelt 5 is inspired by the 1960's contemporary diner. I love the comfortable sea-foam-colored vinyl diner chairs and the casual atmosphere of the restaurant. This neon sign above the open kitchen kicks up the cooking action.

My J ordered his favorite on the menu- Tapa Overload (P295). Every time we eat here this is what he orders. The meat is thinly- sliced and very tender and savory. The crispy garlic chips add more flavor and texture. It's served with egg and atchara- just like our local tapsilog.

This is what I had- Mr Jones Classic Burger (P320). The server recommended this to us since my first choice on the menu wasn't available that time.

Look at the fries. Very similar to??? Yes, KFC fries! But I tell you, Mr Jones fries are more delicious and filling. I remember one time when my J and I dined here I only had a 'bucket' of Mr Jones fries and chocolate milkshake for dinner and I was very full after eating. I couldn't stop munching on the fries. The crust is crunchy but the tender (and hot) inside.

The burger is truly heaven! The grilled patty is thick and juicy. I didn't finish the bread (although it is really delicious) because I chose to eat the patty and the other fillings. I will definitely come back for this burger!

 The restaurant is small and most of the time it is full especially during the evening. There's an al fresco area which can accommodate around 40 persons just in case you don't get a seat inside.

The prices are a little bit steep but the food is superb and really worth every peso. The servings are huge and are good for sharing.

*** Mr Jones
Ground Level, Greenbelt 5,
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., 
Ayala Center, Makati City
(02) 501.36.82 and (02) 501.31.11