Home Sweet Home

I have been living away from my family since 2007 when I started working in Makati. However, I still go home to Pampanga during the weekends but I spend most of my days in the city.

Back in 2007 when my salary was just enough for a bed space rental, I stayed in one of the dormitories along Makati Avenue. It was (painfully) hard then since I didn't really know my roommates and I fought against homesickness. It was only a few months later when I joined my college friends and we rented a room to ourselves. It was better than staying in a room with strangers.

After a year and a half we decided to transfer to a condominium unit. Yay! It was more expensive, of course, but we kept in mind that we will be able to live in a safer and more convenient place. We got a one-bedroom unit in a condominium very near malls, hospitals and our respective office buildings.

It was only this February that we had to transfer to another unit because of an unexpected floor damage of the unit where we stayed in for two years. We took a leave from work to sort out all our things and transfer to our new home. Same tower, but this time we got a two-bedroom unit. Double yay! A lot more expensive but the unit is newly re-furbished and the Makati skyline view is just so awesome. We could not say no!

This is the view from our living room. Just imagine this when it's night time. :)

February 15 was a very tiring but fulfilling day. We started arranging our things as early as 9 am. After all the administration clearance and permits, we were able to settled down and finish our transfer at 4 pm. After resting we went shopping for house add-ons and then ended the night with coffee at CBTL.

My blueberry bagel (with cream cheese) which I didn't until my J arrived. I wanted him to treat me. Haha!

Condo-mates with supportive friends and boyfriends. :)

I am so excited for our housewarming party which is just a week from now. I will make a post about it after. Hello, new home! Hope to stay here for years.


Phoebe said...

Congrats on the new place. I'm sure you're looking forward to making new memories there with your friends.
I'm also looking for a place of my own, but I decided against it in the end. Can't afford pa eh, and I want my own unit to myself sana. Haha.

Phoebe R

Michelle said...

Your new place looks awesome! Have fun on the housewarming! ;)

augustalolita said...

the city photos are amazing!! that place looks like it will have great views!!