Mojito Screams Summer

I am not really a fan of alcoholic drinks and the like but there’s one exception- mojito.
A traditional mojito consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (sugar cane juice), lime juice, sparkling water and mint. Nowadays, there are several variations of this drink wherein fruits such as raspberry, mango, and strawberry are added for more flavor. Others also replace white rum with flavored rums.

Tangy-sweet, light and refreshing- that’s what I love about mojito. I guess that makes it a popular cocktail drink, perfect for summer parties.

How about you, what’s your favorite summer drink?


Michelle Chic said...

looks yummy! i like citrus-ish drinks!

// krissy ♥ said...

Aaaah I love mojitos! I don't like beer at all, but mojitos, well, let's just say I can drown in them and I won't mind =D

Michelle said...

I'm one of the very few girls my age that absolutely HATES the taste of alcohol. I always opt for virgin drinks.

I'm more for the taste rather than the effect. LOL

Pammy said...

I love Mojito! :P So refreshing.

Amber Blue Bird said...

i am a fan of spiked cherry limeades, so good!

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Hollie said...

mine is a cold Red Tea, specifically Twinings Four Red Berries.