Are Mermaids Real?

My artsy fartsy office mate T made me this very cute avatar. 

Maybe you're wondering why I chose a mermaid, yeah? When I was kid, I used to tell our relatives and friends that when I grow up I want to be a mermaid. Haha! Am I weird to want that? Well, it is one of my childhood fantasies.

I grew up watching and liking Little Mermaid and listening to 'Part of That World'. I have Little Mermaid mugs, tin cans and stationery. I love Ariel to pieces!

Share your childhood fantasies here! Isn't it fun and delightful to reminisce about our careless and free childhood days?


Kitten said...

same sentiments here~

it may be just fantasy, but I always think that they are real and given a chance, I would like to be a mermaid too~

Xan Gerna said...

I think Mermaids are real.. they just lived in a very deep ocen floor where no lights can see them,maybe they are not look exaclty what we imagined. even the cracken i beleive is true or a very huge giant squid. hehe. When i was a kid i used i imagined that im Spiderman, yun nga lang tagalog Version ^_^

deerest said...

You know blue bear? The cutesy blue bear character (similar to Mashimaro and Pucca)... Yeah I used to write letters to the bear LOL! Dunno if thats a fantasy or not.. HAHA

Marjorie said...

ooh cute! just like a south park character :)