Sassy Satchel

I have been meaning to purchase a satchel for months but unluckily couldn't find the 'right' one . Truth be told, I cannot afford the expensive brands in the market today so I kept on searching for one that's economical. I stumbled upon a post about this online store in Facebook and imagine my delight when the satchel prices are within my budget. Oh yeah!

And yesterday I received my bag from Impulse Co and I am just so ecstatic because the satchel is lovelier in actual. Thank you very much Kathreena for the hassle-free transaction!

So why did I choose red? For one, red is a bold color. Since I dress casually almost everyday, I thought that a bag in a loud color can give my look an extra oomph. Second, I don't have a red bag at all. See, I usually stick to neutral bag colors- black or brown to be on the safe side. Oh yes, you can  call me boring for that. Haha! If you remember the Mango tote I recently bought, you'll see that my choices are improving. I'm loving colors!

What do you think of my red satchel? What color would you buy if ever?


Femme Virtue said...

love the satchel, the color is gorgeous!

Pammy said...

That satchel looks gorgeous! I do not get the hype about Cambridge satchels though I wanted one a few months ago. But I guess it's more of the price that prevents me from getting one. But given the affordability of this one, I'd give satchels a second thought.

If there is a purple one available, I'd probably get it.

Myrted said...

Hey Kristela! Glad you have a satchel too! I bought it at Reesh's (Kathreena) store too. :D She's actually a great seller too. :) I know how it feels to receive things like this at your doorstep even if you actually know that you paid for it. HAHA!!!

MariaKristela said...

Femme Virtue, thank you! :)

Pammy, I think Impluse Co will have purple on their next pre-order. :)

Myrted, oh yes Kathreena is a great seller! Very smooth transaction. I was actually giddy the whole morning yesterday because I expected my package to arrive. :)

Jackie said...

i love it!that color is really beautiful.

i checked out your link and I think it's sold out already.I didn't get to ask how much it was anymore. =))

MariaKristela said...

Jackie, I got mine at P650. It's 11". I think the 13" is at P850.

My officemate saw my bag this morning and he wanted a 13" tan. I texted Kathreena and she told me they'll have new stocks next week. Check their site by then and maybe you'll be lucky to get the color you like. :)

roviedear said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Your blog is really nice and 'm following you :)

PS: I love your bag. The color is so feminine :)

herroyalbleakness said...

I'd probably choose red, too! A pop of color to pair with my boring neutral tops and pants :D

Hollie said...

OMG that's gorgeous!

WonderWoman said...

Hi, new follower here! :) I actually wanted this satchel in yellow, but Kathreena didn't have it anymore, so I got the envelope bag in lime green instead: http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com/2011/09/store-in-focus-impulse-co.html

Love your blog!

MariaKristela said...

Rovidear, thank you for following my blog! :)

Herroyalbleakness, we have the same choice. Awesome! :)

Hollie, thank you! :)

WonderWoman, the yellow satchel looks nice too but it is sold out when I visited the site. The lime green envelope bag is stunning! Bet you love colors too. :)

Jill said...

Hi MariaKrstela. I'd like t o thank you for following my blog and for the comment. I really appreciate that.

By the way, I just followed you. And when I saw this page ..napaWOW ako. No doubt you are a neat freak. Super linis din ng blog site mo! hahaha. Your blogsite live up to the descriptions you've mentioned about yourself!

And I must say your page really is friendly to the eyes.

MariaKristela said...

Thank you, Jill! I appreciate that you like my neat blog. Hehe.

naiad said...

the satchel looks exactly like the cambridge ones!!!! great find!!!!!

Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)

Catmare said...

This look pretty! I should get it! I've seen one somewhere online. This red color is nice. I love it!

Anonymous said...

wow ang ganda! not bad! actually, i thought it's the cambridge satchel. i'll order the caramel brown for my brotha, i hope they still have it onhand pa ^^
thanks for sharing hun!

AyLin said...

Yay! Looks so adorable! I have in pink, dear!

thestyleflux said...

I really love this kind of bag, wish I could collect 'em in all colors!

xx Kaye
Fashion Blogger

Honey Andrade said...

Yayyy for Impulse Co satchels!!! <3