Ready to Go

I’ll be going on a quick trip to Tagaytay this weekend. I really hope that the weather  cooperates so that we can enjoy the cool breeze with the sun shining as well.

I am packing a few of my essentials and being an OC girl, I actually make a list of the things I need to bring. I don’t want to leave behind a thing and end up buying at a convenience store. For one, it’s a waste of money. Secondly, I might not find the variant/brand that I prefer.

Johnson’s Milk Bath- This is my all-around essential. I use it as a face and body soap and a feminine wash too. It’s so gentle and it leaves my skin baby smooth. Plus, the smell is so good!

L’oreal shampoo and Rejoice conditioner- These are my current favorites. I bought all the L’oreal shampoo variants basically because they were on sale at P99 per bottle. I know that’s not a healthy shopping habit. Hehe. Moving on, I bought the Rejoice conditioner out of curiosity and surprisingly, it works well on my hair. My hair is tamer and less frizzy.

Wet wipes and alcohol- My perfect companions for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing!

Ipod and book- Whenever I travel, may it be on a long or short vacation, I always bring a book with me. It’s a worthwhile thing to do while waiting at the airport or just waiting for your companions to arrive at the meeting place. Also, reading is a relaxing activity especially before going to sleep. 

Notepad and pen- I jot down details of the places, food, persons I come across during any vacation. I use these for blogging and for future references. Sometimes, I also make a list of all my expenses along the way so that I can easily track where my money goes to.

These are what I have prepared so far. I’m sure I will be adding a few more items before the trip itself. 

I intend to use my new Mango tote (which I got on sale for less than a thousand only). I have been eyeing the bag for months and when I saw it on a discounted price, I hurriedly bought it. I just knew it was meant for me!

What are your travel essentials? Share them with us!

*** Let the sun shine, let the sun shine baby…

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Cel said...

i love the johnsons baby bath too! the smell's addicting..