I Should Fit in This

I panicked when I saw my Soak Raspberry & Chocolate two-piece in my closet. Why? Because it's already summer and I don't fit into it anymore. I wore it last year during my vacation in Boracay and I suppose that will be it. Huhu.

This pair is just so lovely and all my friends say it is super adorable, with its pink and brown ensemble.
I super love Soak because their swimsuits are so fashionable and very summer-y. The colors are vibrant and young.

How about you, where do you buy your summer outfits? What's your favorite swimsuit brand?


Warm It Up

It has been a month already since we moved to a new condo unit. Of course, this calls for a housewarming party! We invited our respectively special someone and also a few close friends and officemates to our simple yet fun celebration.

I made these colorful decorations. Don't you find them cute, yeah? Thanks!

Makati skyline during night time. Staring at this takes away the stress.
All girls.
Our delicious feast. K made the super delicious and cheesy nachos.

Aren't these adorable?

Thank you so much for spending the night with us! We all had fun and we are all looking forward to more celebrations and parties together.


Mojito Screams Summer

I am not really a fan of alcoholic drinks and the like but there’s one exception- mojito.
A traditional mojito consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (sugar cane juice), lime juice, sparkling water and mint. Nowadays, there are several variations of this drink wherein fruits such as raspberry, mango, and strawberry are added for more flavor. Others also replace white rum with flavored rums.

Tangy-sweet, light and refreshing- that’s what I love about mojito. I guess that makes it a popular cocktail drink, perfect for summer parties.

How about you, what’s your favorite summer drink?


The Cheat is On

I gained some weight recently that is why I am more conscious of what I eat. I watch my food intake and make sure that I eat in moderation. I eat rice only once a day (or sometimes none at all) and just eat the viand (fish, chicken or pork). When I get hungry, I eat oatmeal, a fruit (banana or apple) or light crackers.

Once a week, I eat something I crave. Once a week, I have a cheat day (or free day). I am a firm believer that once in a while we should relax our diet and enjoy something we want. To reward ourselves for faithfully following a healthy eating plan, to get pleasure, to keep us sane. Whatever the reason may be. Cheat days allow us to get rid of or calm our cravings, which when unsatisfied, will only lead to more unhealthy eating. Agree?

Experts say that eating foods that are higher in calories, or are not normally in our food plan, will increase our metabolism since our bodies are forced to work harder at burning the calories ingested. That sounds logical enough, right?

But cheat days, in my opinion, should be done in moderation and with discipline. I always keep in mind my plan to lose weight and with that, I do not overindulge.

So, what’s my latest cheat day treat? It’s a Caramelized Fig gelato from Caffe Ti-Amo (Greenbelt 5)!
Rich, creamy and delicious, but with less fat and calories. Definitely a healthier alternative to ice cream. Why is that so? (i) Because gelato is made using less butterfat. The typical ice cream has a fat content ranging from fourteen to twenty-five percent. On the other hand, gelato averages between five to nine percent butterfat.(ii) Ice cream is made using cream whereas gelato is made with milk. The average half-cup serving of gelato has between one-hundred-and-fifty and two hundred calories whereas full-fat ice cream usually starts at around two hundred calories and can go much higher depending on the ingredients.

Do you believe in cheat days/meals? How do you do yours?


Home Sweet Home

I have been living away from my family since 2007 when I started working in Makati. However, I still go home to Pampanga during the weekends but I spend most of my days in the city.

Back in 2007 when my salary was just enough for a bed space rental, I stayed in one of the dormitories along Makati Avenue. It was (painfully) hard then since I didn't really know my roommates and I fought against homesickness. It was only a few months later when I joined my college friends and we rented a room to ourselves. It was better than staying in a room with strangers.

After a year and a half we decided to transfer to a condominium unit. Yay! It was more expensive, of course, but we kept in mind that we will be able to live in a safer and more convenient place. We got a one-bedroom unit in a condominium very near malls, hospitals and our respective office buildings.

It was only this February that we had to transfer to another unit because of an unexpected floor damage of the unit where we stayed in for two years. We took a leave from work to sort out all our things and transfer to our new home. Same tower, but this time we got a two-bedroom unit. Double yay! A lot more expensive but the unit is newly re-furbished and the Makati skyline view is just so awesome. We could not say no!

This is the view from our living room. Just imagine this when it's night time. :)

February 15 was a very tiring but fulfilling day. We started arranging our things as early as 9 am. After all the administration clearance and permits, we were able to settled down and finish our transfer at 4 pm. After resting we went shopping for house add-ons and then ended the night with coffee at CBTL.

My blueberry bagel (with cream cheese) which I didn't until my J arrived. I wanted him to treat me. Haha!

Condo-mates with supportive friends and boyfriends. :)

I am so excited for our housewarming party which is just a week from now. I will make a post about it after. Hello, new home! Hope to stay here for years.


I Want!

I'm lusting over the Tory Burch Ella tote. I love the colors and the bag structure. I honestly think it is the PERFECT bag for me since I bring loads of stuff- wallet, camera, ipod, BB, contacts lens (and solution), eyeglasses, pocket books, etc..

Oh God, please let me have one. Please...

Do you think it's a worthy buy or a waste of money? Which color do you like?