First Taste of Leslie's

Remember my previous post about our dinner at Buon Giorno? We had a light one since our stomachs are still very full after our lunch at Leslie's. My friend Y suggested we eat there since she wanted bulalo. I am not really a fan of bulalo but since I haven't tried Leslie's yet, I said yes.

What I love about Leslie's is the ambiance. It is an open air restaurant so we really enjoyed the cold Tagaytay breeze.

Here's the breathtaking view.

And the food to complete our day. What's a Tagaytay trip without hot bulalo?

 I love grilled fish with green mango salad! Just perfect!

 This lechon kawali is sinful. I can't say no!

A band serenades us while we are eating. They're actually good. Very versatile- they can do OPM, classics and even pop!

Here's my opinion- I still prefer Josephine over Leslie's. Both restaurants have almost the same menu items but the food at Josephine tastes better.  Moreover, the place is more elegant and the service is more efficient.

Have you tried Josephine and Leslie's? Which one do you like more?


Wonder Woman said...

I haven't tried either of them, but then again I've only been to Tagaytay once. Will need to go back :)


Girlie Blogger said...

Nice view. And the food looks delicious.


♥superjaid♥ said...

nakakagutom. pero kahit di na ko kumain tititigan ko na lang ang taal. sobrang ganda. thumbs up sa pictures. anyway..nakakagutom talaga..hehehe never pa kong nakakain sa mga nabanggit mong resto pero sana matry ko din lalo na yung green manggo salad yum yum yum!=D

Liezyl Gomez said...


Maudey said...

RSM's bulalo is delish, too! It's near Leslie's lang din ata.. bigla ko tuloy namiss Pinoy food, walang bulalo dito SG :(

Ile Odarod said...

this just made me eat some midnight snack. :)