The Pinkberry Goodness

 Hello everyone! Happy new year, happy new you! :)

If you've been following my blog for some time now, you may have noticed that I love yogurt so much! I made a post about Cold Spoon in Pampanga and Qoola in Greenbelt. Another favorite of mine is Fro-Yo in Hobbes and Landes.

I was very ecstatic when I heard that Pinkberry has finally opened a branch in Greenbelt. Hooray! I told myself I will try it before 2011 ends. My J and I made a visit one weekday afternoon.

The facade is very inviting. Cool and refreshing colors create a comfortable atmosphere.

I super love the snowflakes wallpaper! Maybe because we don't have snow here in the Philippines and so I just feel so giddy when I see snowflake details.

This is the most exciting part- choosing the toppings!

I got a Pomegranate yogurt with kiwi and strawberry while my J had the Signature Original flavor yogurt. The regular cup starts with P100 and P155 if you opt for two toppings.

I almost always have kiwi and strawberry for my toppings. I think that fresh fruits are really yummy with yogurt. :)

Let me tell you why I instantly fell in love with Pinkberry.

1. You can taste the yogurt flavors for free if you have difficulty choosing. We actually had a taste of all the flavors- Green Tea, Chocolate, Mango. I swear, it's even harder to decide once you've tasted all!

2. There are a lot of toppings to choose from and the servings are very generous.

3. The staff is VERY friendly and accommodating. They even talked about the flavors and the toppings in order for us to decide easily. I also met the branch operating officer and she invited me to a bloggers' event that week. She was so professional and warm! :)

We were served glasses of water even before we requested for one. That's an added point!

I will definitely come back and have the chocolate yogurt. My J and I agreed it is really good.

Have you tried Pinkberry? What's your favorite yogurt flavor?


EveryDay Makeup blog said...

That's cool! I'm glad Pink Berry is in the Philippines now. I love Pink Berry. It's more expensive compare to other frozen yogurt places, but it taste so much better and it's worth it!

Ana Maria said...

Yes to superb service! :) I love the chocolate fro-yo!

Girlie Blogger said...

Yum! This place is super cute and the yogurt looks super yummy.

Wonder Woman said...

I've never tried Pinkberry yet. But I love the name, so gonna go do that soon. Haha.


bechay said...

I am not a lover of yogurt, don't know why :( That's why Pinkberry sounds new to me. Also, the name sounds girly. I like it.

Sofia Gatchalian said...

Haven't tried here yet, but I love California Berry! The last photo got me drooling. :P~~

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PinkOrchids said...

I've seen these around! I'll definitely be trying it the next time i see one again!

trishie said...

Happy new year, darling! The yoghurt looks yum.

carla rana-hernandez said...

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it gives me idea on where to go
in manila esp. in yummy resto's

hope u can soon visit my site and follow