Boracay Nostalgia

It's a common feeling to miss something so wonderful and pleasurable.  How I wish I can go back there.  I MISS BORACAY.  It's a breath-taking paradise. The beach with its white sand is truly unforgettable.

Goodbye Manila!

I am always in awe whenever I see the sky. The clouds are so beautiful.

There it is! Boracay, my love!

We arrived at the Kalibo International Airport after a 45-minute plan ride.

Kalibo is known for the Ati-Atihan Festival which is held annually in January  in honor of the Santo Niño (Infant Jesus).  The festival consists of street and ritual dances, parades and processions.  People wear colorful face paints and outstanding costumes during the event.

After an almost two-hour road trip and a five-minute boat ride we set foot in the island itself.  That was really tiring but I totally forgot about my exhaustion when I saw these.

A friend and former officemates lives in one of the houses up there. Yes, it's UP there. We climbed hundred steps or so (I am not exaggerating.) to get to his house. But I tell you, once you're up there the view is awesome!  The place is in Station 1 but it's secluded. It's like having the beach front all to yourself. Imagine the feeling of waking up to a beautiful sunrise  and then having a hearty breakfast and sipping on fruit juice by the veranda. Aaahhhh, I want that life!

My J and I took a morning walk from Station 1 to Station 2 (where most of the decent restaurants and shops are).

There's a Starbucks store...

and of course, I had my favorite mocha frappuccino. It's 20-pesos more expensive here than in Manila, though.

I can stare at these FOREVER.

Low tide=quiet time.

More people go out and chill by the beach in the late afternoon.

What can be more relaxing than having a bottle of cold beer while watching the beach smile back?

Even dark clouds don't stop people from hanging out and enjoying the scenery.

Oh Boracay, I'm longing for you.


Honey Andrade said...

Awesome pictures!!!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I miss Boracay too! Last time I was there was summer last year! I remember being stuck in Starbucks one night then because of a sudden short storm. We couldn't get out because the storm was really strong and random things were flying around. good thing it was only for a short while.. :D I hope to go back there soon.


Louise said...

The last time I went to Boracay I didn't enjoy at all. The place was TOO hot, I easily got sunburns, and the beach was TOO salty that it irritated most parts of my body.
I envy you. You actually enjoyed the place, that's good. Maybe someday I'll go back and find a better station that can leave me satisfied with the whole trip. :)

Cheers, Louise^^~

J.Cee said...

Love these shots! Boracay was incredible when I went.

sheri amor said...

pretty ive never been to bora be4 though.. MOCHA frap i love

oomph. said...

omg, amazing photos. looks so beautiful, and no place is complete without a starbucks!


Manila Girl said...

Beautiful shots! The weather was very cooperative during your flight, it seems! :-) I miss Boracay, too.. Station 1 is really the best area for me. :-)

The Manila Girl

Maria said...

We all miss Boracay! What a lovely place! I'd really like to go back there, but this time with my family.

Manila Girl, yes Station 1 is the best. Not crowded. Whiter sand. Bluer water. Ah, nostalgic..