What's Inside the 2011 Starbucks Planner?

Yes, I got mine already! It was a hard work (or should I say an addiction) in nine days. Well technically, I completed the 17 stickers with the help of my siblings and friends. Ten of the stickers are from my own consumption; the rest theirs. My friends joke about caffeine flowing through my veins (more than blood). Haha!

"As in previous years, every redemption of a Limited Edition Starbucks 2011 Planner comes with a donation to SparkHope--Starbucks' flagship program for early childhood care and development in partnership with UNICEF."

I chose the planner in Metal (silver) because it looks more contemporary, young and clean. The Wood (brown) is nice too but I had a Starbucks planner with brown leather cover in 2008 so I opted for another look. It was just a choice between the Metal and Wood. I didn't go for the Velvet (Red) because I don't like the velvet feel.

I think that the 2011 cover is the best so far since it captures the essence of a rich and relaxing coffee moment. It is simple yet direct. And for OC persons like me, the neat surface finish definitely gets a thumbs-up.

"The 2011 Planner features 14 Starbucks stores, giving customers a feel of Starbucks as their "third place"--a spot they go to frequently next to their homes and workplace."

I am excited to start writing this December. Yes, the 2011 planner starts with December 2010 and ends with January 2012. That's the reason why I wanted the planner as soon as possible.

At the start of each month is a page for 'Things to Do'. This is particularly useful in managing monthly tasks such as paying bills. A 'Notes' section can be found at the end of each month. These are helpful tools to get myself organized (as always).

The planner comes with 8 discount and promo coupons which you can use on specific months only. Last year, I totally forgot about the coupons. They all just went to the garbage can. Too bad. This year I'll make sure I will use the coupons or if I can't, I'll give it out to my friends.

For those who are collecting stickers, how's your race so far? Hope you can get your planner soon. :) 


Louise said...

Waaah! It's so cute! Lucky you have one! I'm a bit envious. I collect planners but I don't write in them. I'm not really the methodical type of person. :)

Cheers, Louise^^~

Gessyl Enchanted said...

this year's planner is way cuter.. :) congratz!

Charming Vanity said...

OMG...the planner is out! I'm so gonna go get it... thanks for sharing this post.. =)


klomster said...

The silver one looks better. The red one is more Christmas-like though. Wish I could get one too. :)

Honey Andrade said...

I really want the planner but I'm cutting back on caffeine and I dont wanna have any of the fattening fraps.. Ugh.. Story of my life. :|

mojita_yanipot said...

Yey! Happy for you sis! :)

I have 3 more stickers to go. :) When I get mine, I'm out to get another one for my hubby. Hehe! It's a small wonder why I like the thrill of completing all 17 stickers when I don't really use the planners when I get them. I really just collect them. Hahaha!

Maria said...

Louise, thanks! There is really a thrill when you collect stickers for the planner. Just use the planner so you get what you pay for. :)
Gessyl, Thanks! Yes, it so much cuter! :)
Charming Vanity, you're welcome! Good luck! :)
klomster, I don't like the red one because it's velvet, although the color is nice. :)
Honey Andrade, yeah frappes are fattening. I stopped my intake now because I already have the planner. :)
Mojita_yanipot, 3 more to go! Go go go! :)Hope you get your planner soon!

AVA T. said...

i want the brown one as well!:) but i only have 1 sticker so far hehe :)

ishna said...

I'm so jealous, you already got yours! I want the brown one! :) I can't wait to get mine. :D

Cool blog!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I didn't know Starbucks made planners! I love the design. =D

herroyalbleakness said...

Hi Maria! I was planning to link your review on Lulur to mine but either there's somethin wrong with your post going live, or my browser's acting up.

Can you check it?

I'm sorry for barging into this wonderful starbs planner post.