Job Hunting and Food Tripping

Our youngest sibling, B, just graduated from UP and is super enthusiastic to look for a job. Since I have been staying here in Makati for four years already, I helped him look for job vacancies to apply to. I made a list of companies to go to. Our eldest sister, L, filed a vacation leave to join us. So the three of us walked along Ayala Avenue, dropped by our target companies and submitted B's resumes.

It was an exhausting day under the heat of the summer sun but we made it through until around 2pm. Of course, we needed to reward ourselves with a sumptuous meal. Here's what we had at Chili's and Caffe Ti-Amo in Greenbelt 5.

Cajun Club Sandwich (P355) and Grilled Pork Chops (P420)

We finished off with Hazelnut, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate gelato (P49 for piccolo size).

As of this writing, B is already hired! He will start his banking career this June. I am confident he will do really well since he is a very spirited and hardworking man. Good luck, bro!


Lov3kat said...

i can do with those foods right now! xD
YUM! ><!!

By the way what are the good and bad about being sponsored by Nuffnang? Because i want to earn some money on the side and was considering~
And how do you get sponsored? Is it just by signing up on the website?

Thanks for dropping by my blog!


Solo said...

Happy bday! :) Thanks for dropping by in my blog. Haven't updated that blog for a while. Tambay ako lagi sa julesmariano.com.


Solo said...

Congratulations to your sister. :) I miss Ayala. I used to stay in Pasay when I was still studying Spanish at Cervantes de Manila. Sarap ng mga food!

Manila Girl said...

Oh there I can comment now! :-)

Michelle said...


NANCYXO said...

those french fries look so good!!!


Mia E said...

wow! the cajun club sandwich is my favorite too! yummy!!!