Swatch It!

I am not fond of wrist watches unlike my sister who collects brands ranging from Seiko to Technomarine. I only have two in my closet- a Fossil charm bracelet watch and a Timex black leather strap watch.

But when I saw this last Sunday, I knew I had to have it.

This is part of Swatch's The Lady Collection which features ten new watches with long, slim silicone straps that wrap twice around the wrist. Choose from among these pastel colors-  light blue, purple, peach, light pink, azure, yellow, green, pale crimson, beige and white.

My sister bought the exact same watch because we both love the color. By the way, it's P2,500. Very playful and fashionable. Which color is your favorite?


Lina Kim ♥ said...

I love the one in beige...it's reaaaally2 cute>.<

Vanity's Child said...

they're all so adorable! but i like white.. and pink!♥

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Lovely watches!! ;)

Ivânia Diamond*
Portuguese fashion blogger

Michelle said...



Haze said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you back!

what a great watch. I can't decide which colour I want if I were to get my hands on these babies.


IyaV said...

Hi! Thank you for following my blog! :) I have this one in yellow and I love it to bits!:)

happycache.tumblr said...

Cute watch, been thinking of getting one for myself. But can't decide which color, I like them all! haha