Run Baby Run!

My new running shoes- gift from my J. :)

Very comfortable and soft to the feet! This is actually my first official running/rubber shoes, not counting the ones I used during my Physical Education classes when I was still a student. You know, I am not really a fan of sneakers, rubber shoes and the like. But now that I have one, I honestly think they're cool. I am actually thinking of buying my first official sneakers. Haha! I will make a post about it once I find the perfect pair. :)

Do you love sneakers and rubber shoes? What brands do you prefer?


Divina Joy said...

Oh yes, I love sneakers and rubber shoes. My favorite brand is Nike. Good for jogging and walking.

in Aie's shoes said...

i love walking in both depending on the event and the outfit. I like cross training especially when I know that I'll be in action for the whole day. But again it depends on where i'm headed =) following you back babe! =)

Anonymous said...

Followed! Oooh, I like the color. :)

ghoent said...

ive been wanting to get a pair of running shoes myself. i couldn't jog around since all i have are high cut chuck taylors. HAHA. followed you back! =)

Mom Fashion World said...

I want the sneakers!
I have been looking for a neon sneakers
particularly neon green (my fave color).

Thanks for the comment and for following, too!
I'm your #325 follower. See you around.


Chanel said...

Cute shoes! Love the color. I usually buy Nike running shoes.

Cute blog. XOXO

Michelle said...

Looooove the color!!

MariaKristela said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments! Thank to my new followers! :)

Zabrinah said...

Oh good, this reminds me to go to the gym! :)

I definitely bought some new tennis shoes recently and I have been using them A LOT!


Reg Rodriguez said...

love the color of your pair!!! :) i haven't bought one since high school so i'm pretty much stuck with old pairs of nike and reebok :) haha


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

not a fan of sneakers/rubber shoes but i do have one. bought it when i used to go to the gym. haha!! wish i can put them to use again.

thanks for droppin by my blog. when i buy something, sometimes i wish that they dont have my size so i can stop myself from spending. LOL


dina vanessa mercado said...

nice sneakers! my fave is NIKE FREE! so light and stylish and it's bendable--makes it so easy to move your feet and do anything! that shoes looks so good too--love the color!
i like this blog! following! hope you follow back sweetie! pinay blogger here!


wickeRmoss said...

great pics! followed u dear:))