Run Baby Run!

My new running shoes- gift from my J. :)

Very comfortable and soft to the feet! This is actually my first official running/rubber shoes, not counting the ones I used during my Physical Education classes when I was still a student. You know, I am not really a fan of sneakers, rubber shoes and the like. But now that I have one, I honestly think they're cool. I am actually thinking of buying my first official sneakers. Haha! I will make a post about it once I find the perfect pair. :)

Do you love sneakers and rubber shoes? What brands do you prefer?


Swatch It!

I am not fond of wrist watches unlike my sister who collects brands ranging from Seiko to Technomarine. I only have two in my closet- a Fossil charm bracelet watch and a Timex black leather strap watch.

But when I saw this last Sunday, I knew I had to have it.

This is part of Swatch's The Lady Collection which features ten new watches with long, slim silicone straps that wrap twice around the wrist. Choose from among these pastel colors-  light blue, purple, peach, light pink, azure, yellow, green, pale crimson, beige and white.

My sister bought the exact same watch because we both love the color. By the way, it's P2,500. Very playful and fashionable. Which color is your favorite?


Silver Belle

I turned 25 last Monday and couldn't be happier! I spent my special day in Pampanga with my family and my J. I didn't have a grand party but instead had simple but memorable lunch or dinner with the most important persons in my life. (I will make separate posts about this.)

I wish for good health and more blessings for my family (my parents, my siblings and my Inang), wisdom and strength to face everyday's challenges and more more more love and peace of mind.

I hope to travel more, spend more time with my family and my J and also advance in my chosen career.

Above all, thank you Papa God for everything! Thank you for all the love that I receive. Give me the strength to give it all back to You and to others as well. :)


Cheesy Afternoon

My J and I adore Cafe Mediterranean for its kebabs and gyros. But one afternoon we decided to try on the Four Cheese pizza. We dipped our slices on garlic sauce (yes, you should try it!) and instantly love it.

The pizza slices are very filling that's why we easily got full and decided to bring the remaining slices home. Cafe Mediterranean never disappoints us. We particularly like the Podium branch because of the very attentive server.

What's your favorite afternoon snack?

Job Hunting and Food Tripping

Our youngest sibling, B, just graduated from UP and is super enthusiastic to look for a job. Since I have been staying here in Makati for four years already, I helped him look for job vacancies to apply to. I made a list of companies to go to. Our eldest sister, L, filed a vacation leave to join us. So the three of us walked along Ayala Avenue, dropped by our target companies and submitted B's resumes.

It was an exhausting day under the heat of the summer sun but we made it through until around 2pm. Of course, we needed to reward ourselves with a sumptuous meal. Here's what we had at Chili's and Caffe Ti-Amo in Greenbelt 5.

Cajun Club Sandwich (P355) and Grilled Pork Chops (P420)

We finished off with Hazelnut, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate gelato (P49 for piccolo size).

As of this writing, B is already hired! He will start his banking career this June. I am confident he will do really well since he is a very spirited and hardworking man. Good luck, bro!

I Miss Blogspot!

I'm baaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkk!!!!

I am super sorry for being missing in action (again) for the whole month of April. April is the busiest month of the year at work and so I didn't have the chance to make a post here. I miss reading all your lovely comments and browsing on all your posts as well.

I have so much 'kwento' to make and let me just start by sharing that since my work schedule is not super hectic anymore, I now have time to do jogging/brisk walking after work. Oh yeah, you got that right! I realized that I should have exercise since I spend my eight hours at work just sitting down and typing on my computer. I need to flex some muscles and sweat more!

And my ever supportive J gave me this:

I super love the colors! It totally suits me. :) I can bring my Ipod and BB with me. And yes, if you ask me where I jog, I do it at Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village. If you see me there, don't hesitate to say hi! We can chat while jogging/walking. :)