Ooohh-la-la Qoola

On a desperate search for comfort food during a hectic stressful Monday at work, my college friend and officemate K and I went to Greenbelt to try the latest yogurt place in the city. Qoola, a Canadian brand, is a self-service and weight-based yogurt house. I was thrilled to try it because I wanted to feel for myself how to swirl fresh yogurt from the machine. I liked the idea of being in complete control of making my own mix and putting a personal touch to my food. 

Qoola had four flavors of yogurt on the self-service machine- Original, Green Tea, Wild Berry and Strawberry. I chose the Original flavor because I wanted to know if it was great on its own. K chose Strawberry because she preferred the sweet taste of yogurt. One could actually combine two or more yogurt flavors in a cup but we decided to stick to a single flavor only and then just try the other ones on our next visits.

Next stop was the toppings counter- this was the most mouth-watering moment. K and I were like kids turning our heads left and right on the wide selection of toppings- fresh fruits, candy sprinkles, marshmallow, gummy bears, granola, oreo, smarties, rice krispies, chocolate chips, almonds, graham crackers. It was really a delight choosing which ones to put on my yogurt and after seeing that my cup was already flashing with colors, I knew it was time to stop. They also had syrups to pour on the yogurt but I controlled myself from getting some. I was thinking that I would not be able to distinguish the flavors anymore.

After putting on the toppings, we headed to the counter where our yogurt cups were weighed. I paid P165 for my 220g yogurt and K’s was P161.25 for 215g. Just an observation and reminder- the cups they provide were big so if you are an impulsive person, you will literally fill it up. There is no limit as long as your portion can fit in the cup. Because you pay for the weight regardless of your chosen toppings, it is a wise move to just get what you can consume.

Aside from frozen yogurt, Qoola also serves yogurt smoothies.

K and I stayed at the upper floor because we didn’t want to be disturbed by the customers going in and out of the store. The place was fresh-looking because of the bright green interiors, glass tables and chairs and white sofa chairs. The lush Greenbelt gardens also added a more relaxed feel to the place. I just noticed that night several tables were left with empty cups and napkins from customers and were not readily cleaned by the service staff. I guess it was because the service staff was actively entertaining and assisting customers on the lower ground that they failed to check if the upper floor was spick and span.

My verdict on the yogurt- the Original flavor was tangy-good. It gave me the sourness that I wanted. It was thick but smooth on the mouth. I was not disappointed because unlike commercialized yogurt, it didn’t give me the feeling that I was just eating plain ice cream. The toppings were no different from the usual ones offered by other yogurt chains. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the combo of fresh strawberries and the plain yogurt. The delicious zestful sour blend left me licking on my spoon.

At Qoola, it's really ALL up to you. Grab a cup then decide on your flavor(s) and toppings. Keep it simple or choose to get a bit of everything. Just be ready when you arrive at the counter. 

*** Qoola
Greenbelt 2 (across Cyma), Makati City

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