Zits, Zits Go Away

I have been getting zits lately and no matter how much I cleanse my face, eat healthy meals and get enough sleep, I find one or two zits every morning I look at my face on the mirror. I am surprised every time I see a red bump on my face when I just checked the night before and there was no hint of redness at all. It seems like these zits just grow on my face overnight! It’s really disgusting and depressing.

I made a research on the internet about any topical treatment for zits. There’s Benzoyl Peroxide, Adapalene and Erythromycin to name a few. I read reviews on these medicines and found good ones about Sansacne (Erythromycin). Off I went to the drug store.

Sansacne is a 4% Erythromycin gel used for treatment of acne. A 30-gram tube is P553.75 in Mercury Drug Store. The gel is clear and feels alcohol-y when applied to the face. It is supposed to be applied twice a day for eight weeks.

I have been using the gel for five days now and so far it works well in drying up my zits. I put two layers of the gel on the zit and massage it a little. The next day, the swelling and pain is reduced.

I will use Sansacne until the eight week and see how far it can go in treating my zits. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will get better results.

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hi hows the result na? :)