Let Not Your Heart be Troubled

If only Caleruega is accessible, I would want to visit weekly and just relax with my ipod and my favorite book. The place is very serene. Lush garden and landscapes, colorful flowers and cool breeze- perfectly perfect.

It is a well-known place, not only for weddings but also for retreats and recollections.

This is the Transfiguration Chapel- the highest point of Caleruega. It is one of the most sought-after wedding churches. The facade is in fact a reproduction of a chapel in Caleruega, Spain.

Unfortunately, there was a wedding when we visited so I wasn't able to take photos of the chapel's interiors.

 A panoramic view of the Batulao Range.

Towering trees adorn the paths. The fresh scent of plants and flowers complement the cool air.

We didn't mind walking far since the surrounding is truly refreshing. The koi ponds and the hanging bridge are a must-see.

 Made of thick wood and abaca ropes, the hanging bridge leads to a wide picnic area.

Caleruega is more than worth the 30-peso entrance fee. The experience of being close to God and nature is an instant relief from the stress and noise of the city. My feet are sore from walking but the inspiring scenery filled my soul with peace. It is truly a fulfilling visit! :)


First Taste of Leslie's

Remember my previous post about our dinner at Buon Giorno? We had a light one since our stomachs are still very full after our lunch at Leslie's. My friend Y suggested we eat there since she wanted bulalo. I am not really a fan of bulalo but since I haven't tried Leslie's yet, I said yes.

What I love about Leslie's is the ambiance. It is an open air restaurant so we really enjoyed the cold Tagaytay breeze.

Here's the breathtaking view.

And the food to complete our day. What's a Tagaytay trip without hot bulalo?

 I love grilled fish with green mango salad! Just perfect!

 This lechon kawali is sinful. I can't say no!

A band serenades us while we are eating. They're actually good. Very versatile- they can do OPM, classics and even pop!

Here's my opinion- I still prefer Josephine over Leslie's. Both restaurants have almost the same menu items but the food at Josephine tastes better.  Moreover, the place is more elegant and the service is more efficient.

Have you tried Josephine and Leslie's? Which one do you like more?


The Pinkberry Goodness

 Hello everyone! Happy new year, happy new you! :)

If you've been following my blog for some time now, you may have noticed that I love yogurt so much! I made a post about Cold Spoon in Pampanga and Qoola in Greenbelt. Another favorite of mine is Fro-Yo in Hobbes and Landes.

I was very ecstatic when I heard that Pinkberry has finally opened a branch in Greenbelt. Hooray! I told myself I will try it before 2011 ends. My J and I made a visit one weekday afternoon.

The facade is very inviting. Cool and refreshing colors create a comfortable atmosphere.

I super love the snowflakes wallpaper! Maybe because we don't have snow here in the Philippines and so I just feel so giddy when I see snowflake details.

This is the most exciting part- choosing the toppings!

I got a Pomegranate yogurt with kiwi and strawberry while my J had the Signature Original flavor yogurt. The regular cup starts with P100 and P155 if you opt for two toppings.

I almost always have kiwi and strawberry for my toppings. I think that fresh fruits are really yummy with yogurt. :)

Let me tell you why I instantly fell in love with Pinkberry.

1. You can taste the yogurt flavors for free if you have difficulty choosing. We actually had a taste of all the flavors- Green Tea, Chocolate, Mango. I swear, it's even harder to decide once you've tasted all!

2. There are a lot of toppings to choose from and the servings are very generous.

3. The staff is VERY friendly and accommodating. They even talked about the flavors and the toppings in order for us to decide easily. I also met the branch operating officer and she invited me to a bloggers' event that week. She was so professional and warm! :)

We were served glasses of water even before we requested for one. That's an added point!

I will definitely come back and have the chocolate yogurt. My J and I agreed it is really good.

Have you tried Pinkberry? What's your favorite yogurt flavor?