Behind a Scar

I only have one scar on my entire body- on my left knee. What’s ironic is I got it when I was already 21 years old. I can still remember that fateful night. We were in Batangas for an office teambuilding and during a game I lost my balance and landed on the gritty cement floor. Ouch! The thought of how that rough floor scraped my skin still makes me bite my lip until now.

Technically, that was not the first time I got into an accident and wounded myself. The only difference was I didn’t get a scar during the first time. I remember when I was still a kid, my childhood friend M and I took a bicycle one afternoon and strolled along our avenue. We lost our balance and I was the one who fell on the ground. M, however, wasn’t hurt at all. She helped me get up and she gasped in horror when she saw blood on my left (yes, left again) knee.

I cried my heart out on these incidents. As a kid, my Mama would surely scold me. As a teen, I was afraid to get my first scar ever and not anymore live up to being ‘flawless’. That night in Batangas I didn’t cry because of pain or humiliation. I cried because I knew that the wound would leave a scar. I saw how deep the cut was.

As the wound healed and dried up, a friend advised me to use Contratubex. It is a topical treatment for scars from wounds, burns and even acne. I went to a drugstore and bought one. It’s quite expensive (P435 for 10g tube) but I had to try my luck on the product. The pharmacist told me that Contratubex is effective in fading old and recent scars.

I religiously applied the gel on my scar twice a day. After two weeks I noticed that the scar lightened already but not totally faded. Until now the scar is still on my knee, although not as visible as before. It’s a little whiter now, blending to my skin color.

Well, I presume the scar will stay on my skin until it will eventually fade over time. Nevertheless it is a constant reminder to be carefree but not careless.

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