The Price of the Size

This is an addition to the bandwagon of crazily fun gigantic food.

During her birthday bash my officemate M treated us to an eye-popping 30-inch Primavera Pizza from Pizza Niro. The pizza was topped with heaps of bacon, salami, pepperoni, ham, black olives, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper and mozarella. I was completely amazed of its size. It was way bigger than The Big Ben of Xtremely Xpresso. Even my other officemates were stunned at the sight of the pizza sitted on two tables in the office pantry.

The crust was thin but chewy. The pizza itself was TOO soft and almost close to being soggy. I couldn’t confirm if it was really made very saucy or if the texture was a consequence of the delivery service. On my first bite I didn’t need to put forth much effort because of the softness of the pizza. It felt like eating pizza without the dough, just the toppings sticking to each other. Moreover, there was something missing about the taste. After chewing and swallowing a portion, it was as though I had to chase the flavor to satisfy me. The pizza lacked that ‘kick’ to sway me into getting another slice.

On the other hand, there was one thing that I liked about this pizza. It was less oily. No need to pat a napkin over the greasy part.

M paid P1,460 for the 30-inch pizza which fed around 18 persons. Quite a superb deal, I should say. For parties this pizza is a good option. For personal consumption, I think otherwise.

*** Pizza Niro Take Out and Delivery
Dela Rosa II Carpark, Makati City
(02) 817.42.33

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