Chilling Out with Chillo

After more than a year since Blenz Coffee opened in June 2009 at Solaris One Building, I finally gave in to the temptation of trying its coffee concoctions. I have seen a lot of professionals and students who come in the store for meetings, long chats and study sessions. Over time I have observed that it has gained an increasing number of regular customers.

On my way to the coffee shop I crossed my fingers and secretly wished that I would choose the right drink and that my money would not be wasted. I absolutely had no idea about the menu. Luckily though, as soon as I stood at the counter, the cashier gave me a list of the beverages. I spotted the ice blended beverages which the store named ‘Chillo’ and decided to order a MochaChillo.

Accoding to the barista MochaChillo is espresso with Belgian chocolate. Wow, Belgian Chocolate! The most gourmet of all chocolates and considered the best of the best. That must be the reason why for a Supremo (20 ounces) I paid a hefty P210. With greater expectations, I waited patiently for my drink to be served.

(FYI, a Regular (12 ounces) is P160 and a Medium (16 ounces) is P185.)

TOTALLY SMOOTH--- the perfect description for my MochaChillo. It felt as though I was sipping on whipped cream. The texture was not thick but it was even and gentle on the mouth. There were no ice bits until the last sip.

Coffee and chocolate are two flavors that taste great together. Unfortunately, the flavors were weak in my MochaChillo. I have a preference for strong coffee taste. Mixing rich dark chocolate on my coffee would probably give the similar full bold taste.

*** Blenz Coffee
G/F Solaris One Bldg, 130 Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

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