I Helped Save a Life

This is a fundraising project to extend financial assistance to the family of a friend (Anne Tayag) whose mother is battling against cancer.

Anne’s mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She has undergone cycles of chemotherapy and radiation. Recently two masses were found in her brain thru MRI. The cancer metastasized. The family needs P1 million for the removal of the masses (removal of each costs P500,000).

For P50 we can help save a life and bring hope to the Tayag family. If you are interested to buy a baller ID, please send me a message.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.- Mother Teresa


// krissy ♥ said...

Hello Maria, I am interested to help :)

Btw, regarding your reply in my post, I'm afraid the P599 monthly fee is not consumable for SMS and calls to other networks :(

Maria said...

Hi Krissy! Thank you for the info. :)

I work in Makati so if ever you'd like to buy a baller ID, just let me know. I hope we can spread the word so we'll be able to help the Tayag family. Thanks Krissy! :)

- - aika - - said...