Worth a 20-Minute Walk

What far can you go to eat that one thing you suddenly crave for?
That was exactly my sentiment when my mouth and stomach seriously hungered for Starbucks Hungarian Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich. I raced (that’s a little exaggeration) to the nearest Starbucks store near my office building but to my dismay, the stocks were sold out that morning. I tried my luck on the next store which is a few blocks away but ended up leaving the store empty-handed.
The gracious barista from the second store gave me instructions on how to get to another store. It must have been my cheerless face that prompted him to help me.

I walked through the unfamiliar streets until I reached the store and it was a big relief to see my (beloved) sandwich on the shelf, right behind the glass.

I went back to my office cubicle and took deep breaths until I was composed and ready to devour my sandwich.

Hungarian Sausage, Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta Bread (P95) was my ultimate love that moment. The bread was very soft and chewy on the inside with a thin crunchy crust. Ciabatta bread, by the way, is an Italian white bread made with wheat flour and yeast. Its name is the Italian for slipper.

The slices of Hungarian sausage were mildly spicy and smoked and created a wonderful depth of flavor. I just wish there were more sausage slices on the sandwich. The eggs were creamy, moist and luscious and wonderfully paired with cheese. Sausage, eggs and cheese- plain and simple as they were but really scrumptious together in this sandwich.

As I swallowed my last bite, I asked myself ‘How did I do that? Heat exhaustion!’ and I answered back ‘With a sandwich that heavenly, I just can.’

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