Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refill

I am a fan of Sunsilk shampoo. I have been using the brand since I was in high school. I have tried all the variants but my favorite is the green one. Long & Thick, Fruitamin Strengthening and the latest Co-creations Strong & Long. It has evolved into different formulations and names but it remains to be a trusted hair care staple.

When I cut my hair REALLY short, my ultimate reason for using Sunsilk (green) was to make my hair grow faster. Although I didn’t get my long hair back as fast as I wanted it be, I have learned to love this shampoo because it really made my hair strong. It also helps reduce breakage and split ends even if I don’t get a regular salon trim.

I found another reason to love this shampoo even more. As I was strolling around SM Supermarket, I saw this.

Yes, Sunsilk is now in refill packs! A free pump bottle comes with the package.

I bought it at P71.75. If I purchase the usual 180ml bottle, that will be P89.25. P17.50 savings. Wow!

Before I retired last night, I poured my shampoo refill into my old Sunsilk bottle. I will continue doing this as long as my bottle is at its best form. I plan to use the free pump bottle some other time.

I am glad that I do not only save money by buying refill packs but I also help preserve Mother Nature. Way to go Sunsilk and Unilever for this brilliant idea!

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