All Day, Every Day

Omelettes are heavenly. They are flavorful, healthy and satisfying. My J and I love to eat this for breakfast and even for lunch or dinner.
We tried Max’s Restaurant’s Cheesy Corned Beef Omelette and Vegetable Omelette. Both dishes were priced at P143 and were served with garlic rice and iced tea. Another option was toasted bread instead of rice and coffee for drinks.

The Cheesy Corned Beef omelette offered a combo of creamy omelette stuffed with corned beef and melted cheese and garnished with spring onion confetti.

The Vegetable Omelette was stuffed with mushroom, green bell pepper, onions and ham bits.

What I liked about these omelettes was the firm yet deliciously moist center. It was creamy and it blended well with the filling.

At any time of the day omelettes are a balanced dish. They are easy and quick to prepare but the secret to making a perfect one is in the cooking of eggs. I should consider learning the procedure so I can make my own with my desired fillings of tuna, onions, bell peppers and LOTS of cheese.

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