Rumble for Ice Scramble

I remember when I was a kid, I would beg P5 from my Inang (that’s how we call our grandmother) so I could buy ice scramble. Inang would tell me ‘It’s dirty. You will get Hepatitis from that.’ I would end up crying and throwing tantrums until she would finally give in on one condition- that we wouldn’t tell my Mama because Mama would surely get mad. (dirty little secret)

Who wouldn’t love that pink and sweet treat? It’s just crushed ice with flavor (and food coloring) but it’s a yummy way to cool down during a hot day. What’s more, it’s cheap! I love it with lots of skimmed milk and chocolate syrup. Mmmmmm!

Ice scramble is usually peddled around the streets in a bicycle but now it is also being sold inside the malls. I guess we can now have a cleaner version of our favorite Pinoy dessert!

I tried Pinoy Ice Scramble in SM Pampanga. The bright pink kiosk sparks the curiosity of passers-by.

As I waited on the long queue, I grew even more excited upon seeing children (and adults alike) happily gulping on their ice scramble.

I wanted to try the chocolate flavor but it wasn’t available that time. I ended up with the usual strawberry flavor topped with chocolate chips. It has the right sweetness and is good enough on its own.

As I consumed my ice scramble, I felt like a kid once more.

Have you tried Pinoy Ice Scramble? Share your experience here.


Abby M. said...

oh how i miss eating ice scramble! can´t wait to to Pinas! and try Pinoy Ice Scramble in Sm Pampanga :D

Maria said...

Hello Abby! Thanks for dropping by!

Are you originally from Pampanga? When I saw Pinoy Ice Scramble in SM, I was really giddy to eat our favorite childhood dessert. There are other ice scramble kiosks such as Icebreaker Scrambles and Manila Scramble which I would like to try as well.

Hope you can have your ice scramble soon! :)

huotk said...

Your blog is super cute & makes me very hungry lol :)

Hey I'm a new follower :)!...from Canada!

I hope if have some free time you could come check out my blog.



Maria said...

Thank you so much, Kailey! Btw, your name is so unique. :)

Followed you too. :)

goodfor2 said...

we love scramble as well:)