Crepe Affair

Savory crepes or dessert crepes? I love both! My choice for savory crepe is Mushroom and Cheese from a restaurant in Pampanga (which I think is already closed now. Too bad.) and for dessert crepe, nothing beats La Pinay from Cafe Breton (P160 plus 10% SC).

Luscious ripe mango slices, sweet chocolate sauce and creamy vanilla ice cream. It's just PERFECT! It's the only crepe I eat when I go to Cafe Breton. I don't have plans of trying out the other crepes yet. I'm so in love with La Pinay!

Do you love crepes too? Share your favorites here. :)


MsRinz said...

Whoa looks so good!!!

NANCYXO said...

i can eat those everyday!


Myrted said...

Absolutely love crepes.. Mango crepe!!! :)

Robots in Trouble said...

i don't have a favorite crepe. the last one i tried was banana with nutella! YUMMY! lol...

-robots in trouble

p.s. cheese and mushroom sounds so good! O_O