Full Plate

My J went all the way from Manila to Pampanga on my birthday. We wanted to celebrate my special day in my hometown. Besides, it has been a while since my family saw him. We decided to have a buffet lunch at Mequeni in Holiday Inn Clark.

I had very light breakfast that morning to prepare my stomach for the feast. My sister suggested we try the restaurant because of the wide variety of food. Lunch buffet starts at 11 am until 2 pm.


My plate is oozing with desserts! I got each kind even though they look similar. This is my first serving. My second dessert serving is a heap of ice cream. I tried all four flavors!

We looked around the hotel after eating to help digest the food we devoured. There were a lot of tourists enjoying the heat of the sun by the swimming pool. That's what they love about the Philippines!


Rate is P999 per head. It's a sensible price, in my opinion, since the buffet offers an impressive variety. Food is properly and evenly cooked, with just the right amount of flavor.  Surprisingly, I didn't have left-overs on my plate. I have two assumptions- I put the right amount of each dish on my plate or the food is just so good I was able to finish my serving. I have several experiences with buffets wherein even if I just got small portions I still wasn't able to finish my food mainly because it wasn't delicious at all. But that didn't happen to me at Mequeni. It was a perfect buffet lunch! My J definitely agrees with me. He keeps on asking me when will we come back there. Well, I hope soon!


pril said...

looks yummy.^.^

Robots in Trouble said...

That is freaking cheap for a yummy looking buffet like that! Which reminds me... There's a lot of buffets over here in Las Vegas that are similar to it. You've now inspired me to go!

Anyway, I loved this entry. I hope to read more from you!

-Robots in Trouble

Pop Champagne said...

the place looks delicious!! yummm and ya I love buffets because if I don't like something I'll just try something else!

Abbey said...

thanks for visiting think runway! love your site!