We Meet Again, Buon Giorno!

A trip to Tagaytay is never complete without breakfast at Buon Giorno. The food is really fantastic! And since the restaurant is overlooking Taal Lake, the ambiance is peaceful and intimate.

Do you not wish you have this view every morning?

Tocino (P180)- chicken or pork home-style tocino. Served with fried rice, tomatoes, red eggs, chopped onions and your choice of egg.

Three Cheese and Herb Omelet (P218)- a flavor-rich omelet of 3 cheeses (swiss, cheddar and parmesan) and herbs (basil, parsley and chives). I super love this because it is creamy and savory. I can eat this everyday and not grow tired of it.

Ripe Mango Shake (P120)- my favorite drink at Buon Giorno.  Perfectly smooth blend of sweetness and sourness!

I always look forward to a hearty breakfast every time I go on a trip.  It's what keeps me fueled for the entire day. And Buon Giorno never disappoints me. Surely, I will visit this place when I am going south.


Marjorie said...

wow, nice view. it looks like a good place to eat and to relax. wish i could visit the place too, hmm... maybe soon.

trishie said...


Sweethestia said...

nakak gutom talaga mga food adventures mo...

Rinny said...

Wow the view is beautiful - the restaurant looks like a great place to relax with some good food :) Your meal looks really delicious!

rizzalana said...

yum yum! interesting blog here MK! ;)

new follower here :)