Worth a Try

Bag of Beans is recognized for its  English pies, breads and coffee. But since we were feeling adventurous that day we opted to order the other items on the menu. We dined at the open area to take advantage of the cool Tagaytay breeze as well as the warmth of the morning sunshine.

Roast Beef (P350)- The beef is tender and juicy but overall, it is unexceptional.

Lasagna (P195)- It is savory with just the right amount of sauce. But then again, nothing so special about it. It looks small but it is actually very filling.

Blueberry Cheesecake (P145)- I quite expected this to be perfect (or somehow close to perfect) to compensate for the main dish we had but unfortunately it disappointed us also. It is too frozen! I expected a silky smooth and creamy cheesecake but it is like it has been frozen for three days or so. We had to wait for a few minutes for it to melt. Still I didn't really enjoy it because the flavor has been altered due to extreme freezing.

Maybe we should have ordered the house specialties like the pies and coffee? Or was it just that we ordered the wrong items on the menu? Either way, I am very open to try this again when I go back to Tagaytay. I will make another post if ever.

Have you tried Bag of Beans? How was your experience?


Mimi said...

aww, so sorry to hear the dishes you ate weren't as good as you expected! but i do hope that when you try eating there again, you'll have a different experience. :)

<3, Mimi

Marjorie said...

ah frozen cake, i've had one in the old spaghetti house. now that you mentioned it, yes, it was kind of hard to eat. looks can be deceiving, even with food.

Dea said...

Aaaaw, sorry to hear that your experience with Bag of Beans was not so pleasant. I've dined there several times and I was always happy with my meal--especially the cheesecake. It's one of my favorite restaurants.

I hope you'll have a better experience next time you visit.

Sweethestia said...

Sarap sarap nman nito... kakagutom!!!!

Anonymous said...


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Myrted said...

Whoa! That looks so yummy!!! I'd definitely try that resto when we go to Tagaytay. Thanks for the tip. Now, im hungry. :))

[pinkc00kies] said...

i love bag of beans!!