The Celio Advantage

My J loves Celio. He has this black rocker-inspired jacket which I super like because it is so fashionable and manly. Last Friday we went to Celio in Greenbelt to check out the latest arrivals. Luckily, we were able to buy another jacket. This time, a dark brown one.  Casual and versatile- it is worth the PRICE. If you know what I mean. =D

Although the fit is perfect, Celio gave us an Alterations Plus 10% discount brochure. I have tried Alterations Plus' services and I can say that although the prices are quite steep, they do a really good job. Check out their website at http://www.alterations-plus.com.

This red card is the Bench Lifestyle Card. Basically it is swiped every time you purchase from Bench and affiliates and then you can use the accumulated points to purchase another item.

Below are the basic details about the Bench Lifestyle Card.

- Open to all.
- Fill out the Application Form at all Bench, Kashieca, Human, The Face Shop, 
PCX, Celio, Fix, Charles & Keith, Dimensione and Pedro outlets.
- Pay P100.00 or get a FREE card if accumulated receipts reach P10,000.00 
over a twelve month period.
- Loyalty card holders shall claim the Loyalty Card where they applied.
- Loyalty card shall NOT be replaced when lost. All points earned in lost card 
shall be considered forfeited. The member shall reapply for a new card and begin anew.
- The Company will not be held responsible for the lost cards and fraudulent use of the card.

- Card holder shall present a valid ID and fill up a Replacement form 
at any of the participating outlets.
- Cardholder shall pay a One hundred Pesos (P100.00) fee for replacement of card.
- For lost cards, all earned points will be forfeited.

- Present your Loyalty Card to the Cashier upon payment. No card, no points.
- No minimum card purchase required.
- Purchase values will be rounded of to the nearest peso amount.
- Points apply after discount.
- Only excess amount from the GCs, which were paid either in cash, 
EPS or credit cards, will earn points.
- No earning of points if Loyalty System is unavailable.
- Points earned from item being refunded will be deducted. No Loyalty Card. No Refund.
- Transaction with discount card will not earn points.

- P10,000 points can be converted to P200 E-purse.

- Loyalty Card is valid for 5 years.
- Points earned by cardholder who do not renew will be forfeited.
- The Loyalty Card will be canceled and earned points will forfeited 
if card holder has no purchase for a 1 year period.

- The Company reserves the right to cancel, modify, or restrict the Loyalty program 
or any aspect of the program at any time without notice.
- The points reflected in the Company's record shall be considered official.
- Abuse and/or breach of the terms and condition of the program 
may constitute revocation of membership.
- Should the Bench Loyalty Program be canceled, 
all cardholders with more than 10,000 points 
should redeem earned points within 90 days. All remaining points shall be canceled.

How about you? What's your latest purchase?


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